Central African Republic: lawyers on strike in support of Maître Crépin Mboli-Goumba

In the Central African Republic, one of the opposition leaders, Maître Crépin Mboli-Goumba, was arrested on Sunday March 3 at Bangui airport while he was already on the plane which was going to take him to Cameroon for treatment. health.

He is being prosecuted for “ 

defamation and contempt of court 


The lawyers decided to go on strike during his detention.

Central African Republic: lawyers have decided to go on strike as long as lawyer Mboli-Goumba - arrested Sunday March 3, 2024 - is in detention.

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According to Maître Nicolas Tiangaye, head of a group of lawyers who defend him, it is today Tuesday March 5 that his colleague must appear before the prosecutor.

The latter must decide whether or not to indict him.

In the meantime, all lawyers in the

Central African Republic

have decided since yesterday to go on strike as long as Maître Mboli-Goumba is in detention.

The President of the Bar, Maître Emile Bizon, justifies this decision, speaking to Esdras Ndikumana of RFI's Africa editorial team.

 We consider that the arrest of Master Crépin Mboli-Goumba is arbitrary since it was made without any document, without a written instruction.

Then, there was a violation of his most basic rights since he was denied access to a lawyer and a doctor from the very beginning.

In addition, images were allowed to be taken and distributed on social networks, which is a serious violation of his dignity as a human being.

Yesterday, in my capacity as president of the bar, when I presented myself to inquire about his situation, I was not allowed to visit him.

This very morning, the Minister of Justice refused to receive us.

The lawyers saw this as contempt for their corporation.


RFI: How long will this courtroom strike last?

Master Emile Bizon: “

It is unlimited.

Until Master Mboli-Goumba is released, unconditionally.


Maître Crépin Mboli-Goumba was

arrested on Sunday at Bangui airport

while he was already on the plane which was going to take him to Cameroon for treatment.

He is being prosecuted for "defamation and contempt of court" following a complaint from four magistrates whom he had indexed during a press conference during which he denounced a Central African justice system corrupted, according to him, to the highest levels. summit.

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