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Updated Tuesday, March 5, 2024-09:55

  • Balearic Islands Armengol avoided complaining about the masks after the technicians warned that they were going to expire

  • Justice The European Prosecutor's Office is already investigating Armengol and Torres' contracts with the Koldo plot for embezzlement

The president of Congress, Francina Armengol, harassed by the continuous revelations that arise in relation to the purchase of useless masks worth 3.7 million euros that she made from the presidency of the Balearic Government to the company promoted by Koldo García, former advisor and right-hand man of former minister José Luis Ábalos, has flatly ruled out resigning as the Popular Party demands of him.

The third authority of the State appeared early in the morning before the press in Congress to present himself as a "victim."

"I am aware of the enormous responsibility that I have as president of Congress, which is why I have always been aware of the representativeness that I must have of the citizens. That is why I try and will try to maintain an adequate level to represent the citizens that they do not deserve depending on what shows of political parties. The main party in this House has decided to jump all possible red lines. In politics not everything goes and not all politicians are equal."

"I have always been motivated by the fight against corruption, something that disgusts me and what has motivated me the most to work in politics and I will not let them tarnish my name or that of the Government that I presided over," stated Armengol.