Joe Biden's approval ratings have declined amid concerns about his age, as is the case with his potential rival, Donald Trump (Reuters)

A protest movement pressuring US President Joe Biden to change his policy towards Israel has decided to turn its attention to the state of Minnesota, as it hopes that a coalition of progressive Democrats and Muslim Americans will vote a strong protest vote in the US primary elections.

The protest movement calls on Biden to support a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and stop aid to Israel. Jilani Hussein, co-chair of the “Abandon Biden” movement in Minnesota, said, “This will be another protest vote against Biden with the aim of stopping the war.”

Hussein estimated the number of Muslims in the state at about 250,000, saying that the movement seeks to ensure at least 10,000 protest votes in Minnesota, and the numbers may rise in the end.

Biden's strong support for Israel early in the war and his refusal to condition military aid on not killing innocents or destroying infrastructure sparked anger in key parts of his coalition, which could affect his re-election chances against potential Republican rival Donald Trump.

A Biden campaign official said the Michigan results show that "his core group of supporters still support him."

The campaign expects Biden to achieve the same result in Minnesota.

“None of this means we will ignore Arab Americans and Muslim Americans. We will not.”

Despite the protest vote, Biden is expected to sweep the Democratic Party primaries in Minnesota and more than a dozen other states on Tuesday, then secure the Democratic Party nomination.

It is noteworthy that the approval ratings for Biden (81 years old) declined in general amid concerns about his age, as is the case with Trump (77 years old).

Source: Agencies