China News Service, Beijing, March 5 (Liu Meiling) During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon that just passed, the tourism revenue of Sandu Shui Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, the only aquatic autonomous county in China, achieved a "small goal" and received a total of 128,453 tourists. Tourism revenue reached 129.81 million yuan.

  "We have organized a series of ethnic cultural activities with horse racing as the leading role, attracting many tourists from inside and outside the province to come to Sandu." Yang Kai, deputy secretary of the National People's Congress, deputy secretary of the Sandu Shui Autonomous County Committee and county magistrate, said in an interview with reporters that Sandu The county combines its own unique horse racing cultural advantages, learns successful experience from top tourism companies, and develops a differentiated tourism development path.

The picture shows the horse racing scene in the "Dragon and Horse Galloping·Sandu Leap" Spring Festival series activities in Guizhou Sandu Shui Autonomous County.

Photo courtesy of Sandu County Integrated Media Center

  In 2023, Zibo Barbecue, Guizhou's "Village Supermarket", and Harbin's ice and snow tourism will successively break through the circle, allowing cultural tourism in various places to "open up". How to make Sandu County the next "top class" is a question that Yang Kai has been thinking about.

  “All regions can learn from experience when developing local tourism, but more importantly, they must base themselves on their own actual conditions and development foundations, adapt to local conditions, take advantage of the situation, and adhere to the path of tourism development with local characteristics. Only in this way can we create a tourism industry that meets the personalized tourism needs of tourists. and a tourism industry with unique tourism experience." Yang Kai said.

  Learning from experience should not only compete for “traffic”, but also quality.

In Yang Kai's view, only by continuously exploring and promoting unique national culture, improving infrastructure construction and improving service levels, and providing tourists with high-quality tourism experience, can we become the next "top trend".

  For this year's National People's Congress, Yang Kai prepared "Recommendations on Supporting the Development of Horse Racing and Related Industries in Sandu County", mainly to promote the unique culture of national horse racing in Sandu County, and to create a horse racing industry as an attraction, and to integrate Shuizu into the country. The deep integration of ethnic culture and sports events allows tourists to personally feel the unique charm of aquatic horse culture, helping Sandu County to become a world aquatic culture tourism destination, making the ethnic cultural tourism + "cake" bigger, and promoting high-quality economic development in ethnic areas .

  Sandu County is home to more than half of China's Shui people. The Shui people are known as the "people on horseback." Sandu County is known as the "Hometown of Horse Racing in China" and has a profound national cultural heritage.

  "Aquatic culture is the most beautiful business card of the three capitals, and it is also the basis for the development of tourism in the three capitals." Yang Kai said.

  Guizhou is rich in tourism resources. It not only has a long history and cultural landscapes with ethnic characteristics, but also beautiful natural landscapes.

In March 2024, the Guizhou adventure travel documentary "Searching for the Most Beautiful Destination: The Secret Guizhou" shot by the American "National Geographic" magazine will be launched soon. This is after Guizhou was rated as the world's best travel destination by "National Geographic" twice. Once again, it was highlighted by National Geographic and fully promoted.

  Yang Kai believes that it is inevitable for Guizhou to continue to attract tourists due to its endowment of tourism resources.

"Guizhou's tourism popularity continues to be booming, which reflects the true transformation of green waters and green mountains into 'golden and silver mountains'."

  Yang Kai said that Sandu County will strive to form a southern Guizhou boutique integrating Libo natural resources + Sandu aquatic culture + Pingtang astronomy science + Rongjiang "village super" through resource co-construction and customer sharing. Tourist routes, create a regional tourism brand, and help Guizhou build a world-class tourist destination.