“We were very encouraged by the powerful message, since huge amounts of money are being invested not only in infrastructure, but also clear goals have been set to improve quality.

All the issues that we worked through and discussed at round tables during the days of subjects were reflected and were not just raised as problematic by the president, but received support, funding and solutions,” the senator noted.

According to her, the conclusions and even comments that the president made regarding the unified state exam are very close and understandable.

“Discussions in society continue, but the position of the committee is very clear, after all, the Unified State Exam has proven its effectiveness in a certain way, but at the same time, unfortunately, there is a situation, and the president said about this today that the Unified State Exam lives its own life , and the school curriculum - its own.

I am sure that the improvement of the Unified State Examination procedure itself will not be limited to these activities.

Here we are ready to present our proposals, which were worked out at the committee site,” Gumerova said.

The parliamentarian emphasized that there is already a plan for implementing the assigned tasks.

“Both specific activities and improvement of lawmaking.

So I’m sure that everything should work out,” concluded RT’s interlocutor.

Earlier, State Duma Deputy Speaker Boris Chernyshov said in a conversation with RT that as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly, the main thing for him was the statement on improving the Unified State Exam.