China News Service, Moscow, February 28 (Xinhua) Roscosmos stated on the 28th that experts had detected an air leak at the International Space Station, but it would not pose a threat to the safety of the space station and astronauts.

  RIA Novosti reported on the 28th, citing information from Roscosmos, that experts had indeed recorded air leaks on the International Space Station.

Astronauts will work regularly to find possible leaks and eliminate hidden dangers.

Data transmitted back from the space station will be sent to ground experts for analysis.

Air leaks do not compromise the safety of astronauts and the space station.

  The TASS news agency quoted Russian astronaut Kononenko on the International Space Station as saying that the air leak occurred in the transition module of the Russian "Zhiya" service module, but it did not pose a threat to the safety of the astronauts.

The space station continues to fly normally.

In addition to conducting scientific experiments, he has also increased his involvement in searching for and locating leaks.

He said the search was complicated by the large number of equipment in the transition cabin and the small size of the cracks.

  According to a TASS news agency report on the 28th, Joel Montalbano, head of NASA's International Space Station project, said at the press conference on the manned "Dragon" spacecraft (Crew-8) space mission that day that the International Space Station Air leaks in the Russian cabin have increased recently, but currently do not seriously affect the safety of astronauts.

According to him, the air leak is located at the rear of the Russian service module of the space station.