According to the specialist, the appeal of the deputies is a reaction to the “anti-Pridnestrovian and Russophobic policies” of the President of the Republic of Moldova and at the same time a citizen of Romania, Maia Sandu.

“Maia Sandu, being in constant communication with the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, may well give the go-ahead to Vladimir Zelensky to carry out military provocations in the Transnistrian region.

Therefore, today the residents of Pridnestrovie are indeed faced with acute issues not only of a social and humanitarian nature, but also issues in the field of security,” says Mezyukho.

In his opinion, we can expect a convening of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, where this document will be discussed.

“The only question is the procedure, whether the Security Council meeting will be public or, based on security issues, it will be held behind closed doors.

But, in my opinion, such a document will most likely be discussed by members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation,” concluded RT’s interlocutor.

Earlier, deputies of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic at all levels at the congress turned to Russia for help in connection with the economic blockade from Chisinau.