Hungarian Parliament to decide on Sweden's membership in NATO

The Hungarian Parliament must vote this Monday, February 26 on Sweden's entry into NATO.

It is the last country to have to give the green light so that this Nordic country, historically non-aligned, can join the military alliance of the Western bloc.

A vote eagerly awaited by Stockholm, which has been waiting for more than a year and a half.

Especially since Hungary has continued to push back the issue in recent months.

A general view of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

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With our correspondent in Stockholm,

Carlotta Morteo

In recent years, relations between Sweden and Hungary have been quite cold.

Stockholm did not fail to denounce the breaches of the rule of law in Hungary.

Criticisms which were very little appreciated by the party of Prime Minister

Viktor Orban



We have differences, especially at the European level

 ,” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson admitted in Budapest last Friday, but “ 

let's focus on our common interests


The signing of a Defense agreement with Hungary thus serves as a prelude to their future relationship as Allies within NATO.


There needs to be trust and mutual respect.

Otherwise, how can we consider dying for each other?

 “, declared Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The latter had, however, initially promised that Hungary would not be the last country to ratify Sweden's request for membership in NATO.

Unless there are any surprises, the Hungarian Parliament should ratify the case today.

But, since

the diplomatic drama with Turkey

for more than a year, caution in Sweden remains the key word.

There will then remain other protocol steps.


Until it’s done, it’s not done


This is the mantra of the Swedish authorities, who are only a few weeks away.

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