Famine, drought: a study highlights the socio-economic impact of climate change in Africa

In the long term, more than 200 million Africans could face severe famine.

This is one of the alarming results of a study that analyzes climate change and its socio-economic effects in Africa.

Its author, Philip Kofi Adom, economist at the South African Witwatersrand University, looks beyond 2050 to demand, now, better programs to adapt and mitigate global warming.

According to a study, if nothing is done about climate change, 50 million Africans would face a lack of water and would have to move to other regions by 2050. (illustrative image) AP - Mohamed Sheikh Nor

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Climate change is already leading to an increase in extreme weather events.

Rising temperatures and especially changes in rainfall are increasingly threatening the agricultural sector.

Comparative studies with other developing countries in the rest of the world have demonstrated that the African continent will be particularly affected by a drastic drop in agricultural yields.

Income generated by harvests could decline by a third by 2050. Beyond this date, the study predicts a contraction in gross domestic product per capita of 7.1% in Africa.

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A crisis which would increase poverty on the continent by 20 to 30% compared to the current situation and “

 wipe out all the development efforts of recent decades 

”, warns the author. 

If nothing is done, 50 million Africans would face water shortages and would have to move to other regions.

Two hundred million of them could be affected by hunger.

But it is not too late, reminds the economist.

The impacts of climate change will be less severe if the world manages to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

And if developed countries finance adaptation measures in Africa, in particular to guarantee food security. 

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