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He could be considered the Rocky Balboa of


, for his talent for


and climbing



Gonzalo Pérez Jácome

(Ourense, 1969) has just reached his peak. "We will make a pact with the devil if he brings heaven to Ourense." It is the phrase that has directed the rise of Democracia Ourensana, its formation. A party that was limited to its


and that now has its own seat in the Parliament of Galicia.

Armando Ojea

will be the man who will occupy this chair. However, there is not as much talk about this

new parliamentarian

as about the leader of his party. When

Gonzalo Pérez Jácome

devised the Democracia Ourensana project in 2001,

he had no program.

But quite a film, that of its own creator.

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Alfonso Rueda: cyclist, biker and fan of his family, this is the president who will continue to govern Galicia for four years

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Alfonso Rueda: cyclist, biker and fan of his family, this is the president who will continue to govern Galicia for four years

Son of José Luis Pérez and Rosa Jácome, the politician

lost his father and sister

in a car accident. In 2019,

his mother also

passed away. "My father and my sister died in

a traffic accident

when I was 8 years old. But it didn't impact me too much. This time was different. It was the first time that I

have really experienced death,

which was something I didn't know about. For me it was been impressive," he revealed to the newspaper EL MUNDO.

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He then began a somewhat erratic childhood, in which

he was expelled from the

Marist School and later from the As Lagoas Institute. "Some teachers were angry at me. In my case it was true because they expelled me from As Lagoas illegally, what happened is that I didn't realize it then and some teachers who claimed to

respect the laws

and rules did it, that's why since then

I can't stand the progressives,"

he told

La Voz de Galicia.

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was capable of "getting a

few grades

in one course and

failing them

all the next." According to him, volubility and


continue to be part of his idiosyncrasy: "I am very


, sometimes I have everything organized and sometimes everything is disordered." Despite everything, he continues to believe that "society has to have certain rules to organize itself because in a soccer match the logical thing is that there is a referee."

In his youth,

Jácome lived in New York,

a city where he trained in sound. Studies that helped him

run the family business,

a company dedicated to the sale of musical instruments known as

Jolper Música

and created by his parents in 1962.

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Very fond of sports, and more specifically


, he returned to the city that does not sleep in 2002. At that time he had just founded his party and offered an interview with this newspaper to talk about a challenge he had to accomplish:

walking up the 86 floors of the Empire State Building.

He was the only


to participate in the classic competition in which athletes from all over the world climb to the top of the emblematic building at full speed.

"There are 1,576 steps.

The problem is that they are 20.3 centimeters, which makes climbing them two at a time very difficult for a


person (I am 1.62). However, the Spanish steps to me biomechanics are better and a person of 1.80 cm falls short," he said at the time.

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With this idea in mind, the following year

he organized the first

stair-climbing race in Europe. A competition that continued to be held for 10 years with the steps of the Gran Hotel Bali in


as a challenge.

It was not his only business project. In 2003

he founded the local television channel Auria TV,

its broadcast being canceled due to broadcasting unlicensed content. Jácome was

acquitted of a court case

against him for carrying out this practice. He was also acquitted when in 2023 he briefly shoved

a protester.

She was carrying a megaphone and he assured that she was only defending herself from "acoustic aggression."