Europe 1 with AFP 12:35 p.m., February 10, 2024

After several weeks on the run, rapper Moha La Squale was arrested in Germany and placed in pre-trial detention in Paris. He is indicted for rape of a spouse, sexual assault, domestic violence and death threats against a spouse, and was, before his flight, under house arrest under electronic surveillance.

Rapper Moha La Squale, indicted in particular for rape of a spouse, was placed in pre-trial detention Friday evening in Paris after his arrest in Germany while he was on the run, the prosecution said on Saturday. The artist, aged 28, whose real name is Mohamed Bellhamed, was arrested on a European arrest warrant on January 31 in Germany, on the border with Poland, according to the public prosecutor. Moha La Squale had been on the run for several weeks.

He had gone across the Rhine when he had to respect a house arrest under electronic surveillance linked to his indictment in Paris for rape of a spouse, sexual assault, domestic violence and death threats against a spouse. Handed over to the French authorities on Thursday, the musician was questioned on Friday by an investigating judge then appeared before a judge of freedoms and detention who placed him in pre-trial detention, as requested by the prosecution. His lawyer, Me Elise Arfi, did not wish to comment.

Six women filed a complaint against Moha La Squale

The rapper has been indicted since June 2021 for sexual assault and violence against former partners. In July 2022, he was also indicted for rape, a criminal qualification, against another ex-partner. The investigating judge considered having completed his investigations against him "a few months ago", according to a source close to the case. At least six women have filed complaints against the artist.

Since the closure of the investigations, the parties to the case can make observations before the public prosecutor makes its submissions. At least one woman asked that the courts retain the charge of attempted murder against her, a source close to the case told AFP. She said Moha La Squale tried to suffocate her with a pillow and verbally threatened to kill her.

Moha La Squale, one of the revelations of the year 2018 with his first album "Bendero", defended himself on Twitter (now female". “This plot was perpetrated to harm me,” he argued in April 2021.