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UN Security Council meeting on February 5, 2024

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / ITAR-TASS / IMAGO

Russia and China have accused the USA in the UN Security Council of further inflaming the situation in the Middle East with air strikes on targets in Iraq and Syria. Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said on Monday at an emergency meeting of the body in New York that the US air strikes were "deliberately" aimed at "stirring up" the conflict in the region.

The USA is not interested in “looking for a solution to the problems in the region,” said Nebensia. Rather, the United States wanted to “preserve its dominant role in the world.”

USA: “We will continue to defend our soldiers against unacceptable attacks”

Chinese UN Ambassador Zhang Jun told the UN Security Council that the US air strikes would "certainly exacerbate" the "vicious circle" of violence and counter-violence in the Middle East. The attacks in Iraq and Syria would represent a “serious violation of the sovereignty” and “territorial integrity” of the two countries.

US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood said the airstrikes on Iranian-backed militias were "necessary and proportionate" and an act of self-defense. "The US does not want any more conflict in a region where we are actively working to limit and de-escalate the conflict in the Gaza Strip," said the US diplomat. »We are not seeking direct confrontation with Iran, but we will continue to defend our soldiers against unacceptable attacks. Point."

The US carried out retaliatory strikes against Iranian-backed groups in Iraq and Syria on Saturday night after the deaths of three US soldiers in a drone attack on a base in Jordan. Dozens of people were killed. The US government has promised further retaliatory attacks.

The UN's top representative, Rosemary DiCarlo, called on the UN Security Council on Monday to remain in contact with "all parties" in order to prevent "further escalation" and a "worsening of tensions."