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  • United Kingdom Charles III announces that he has cancer

  • Health The homeopathic doctor who is in charge of the recovery of Carlos III

  • Royals The latest news about Kate Middleton's health and Charles III's tumor: "It seems serious, but he will recover"

Buckingham Palace announced today, Monday afternoon, that King Charles III (75) has been diagnosed with cancer. News that those close to the king of the United Kingdom

knew in advance.

Among them, his son, Prince Harry (39), who is

preparing a trip to London

in the coming days to

be with his father.

"The Duke of Sussex

has spoken to the king about

his cancer diagnosis

and will travel to the UK to see him in the coming days," a source close to Harry told the

Daily Mail.

Harry has not set foot in his native country since last summer. attended a children's charity event. Occasion in which

he did not visit his family,

like many others.

The alarming statement, which emphasizes that the monarch

does not suffer from prostate cancer

, seems to have led to

a rapprochement between the prince and his father.

From whom his wife, Meghan Markle (42), distanced herself due to public and news differences between the Royal Family. In fact, it is unknown if she will accompany her husband or she will stay with her children,

Archie (4) and Lilibet (2), in the United States.

The health of King Charles

More than a week ago, Charles III underwent

prostate surgery

at a private hospital in London due to a condition known as

benign prostatic hyperplasia

caused by the enlargement of this gland and which is very common among men his age. The 75-year-old monarch

decided to make this information public

with the aim of encouraging more men to undergo periodic check-ups.

At the moment neither the type nor the stage of the cancer he suffers from

has been revealed ,

although it has been made public that it was detected precisely during the tests performed during his last hospital stay.

Carlos returned to London from Sandringham, Norfolk, on Monday morning to begin receiving

"regular treatment"

as an outpatient later that day. Buckingham Palace states that

the King remains entirely positive

about his prognosis and that he hopes to return to his public duties as soon as possible."

For now,

he will postpone his official commitments

and other royals are expected to stand in for him while he receives treatment. What he will do is continue with

his constitutional role as head of state

, including procedures and private meetings.

On Sunday he was seen attending

a church service in Sandringham

, where he greeted the crowd and appeared in high spirits. Now, the presence of his son could give him the necessary encouragement to face the complicated process that awaits him.