Laura Van Lerberghe 08:15, February 1, 2024

All roads of anger lead to Brussels. The Belgian capital is now at the heart of the agricultural protest. They are French, Italian, Spanish and even Portuguese, all of whom have arranged to meet a stone's throw from the headquarters of the Commission, the object of all resentment. A first tractor was even reported Wednesday evening in the city center, while the bulk of the troops are due to arrive this Tuesday morning.

Calling out European officials with the sound of horns is the desire of these farmers as soon as they enter the Belgian capital. Sylvain arrived in the European district last night, determined. "For us, it was important. We wanted to mark the occasion so that they realize that there is a big malaise at the agricultural level, not just in Belgium, but throughout Europe. It is still time that 'they wake up."


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“The passion goes away”

While tractors are parked 500 meters from the European Parliament, Alan and a few other young farmers have been on site since Monday, their mattresses placed on straw in a container, regardless of the conditions. They want to be heard.

“Why look for products elsewhere when we know how to produce them in Belgium?” he asks. “We invent standards to be ecological and ultimately, we use kerosene, fuel oil for planes and trucks to get products elsewhere. The passion goes away because there is no one who supports us ."

Many of them will express this anger today. “Hundreds of tractors will invade the capital. The mobilization promises to be massive in any case,” assured Pierre D’Hulst, spokesperson for the Federation of Young Farmers. Brussels could be paralyzed until June 17.