Osama Hamdan (Al Jazeera)

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan strongly praised the US administration's position on what is happening in Gaza, stressing that what is happening from the metaphor would not have happened without US President Joe Biden and his administration and international silence.

In a press conference held today in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Hamdan's most prominent statements were as follows:

  • We hold the U.S. administration fully responsible for crimes in the Gaza Strip.
  • What happened in the Gaza Strip would not have happened without US President Joe Biden, his administration and international silence.
  • International silence will push things to what no one expects and cannot control.
  • Al-Qassam Brigades thicken the occupation army and inflict losses in its members, officers and equipment.
  • 43% of the martyrs are in the southern Gaza Strip, and the occupation does not differentiate between the north and south of the Gaza Strip.
  • By bombing hospitals, the occupation is violating humanity's most sacred profession.
  • The killing and destruction in Gaza includes everything including medicines and medical equipment.
  • What happened at Al-Shifa Hospital is one of the criminal episodes, and the occupation is waging a campaign of lies and turning the Al-Shifa complex into a military headquarters.
  • The massacres, extermination, starvation and bombing of hospitals come in the context of plans to displace our people from northern Gaza.
  • Our mujahideen risked their personal safety to provide treatment to the prisoners.
  • We act according to our morals, not according to the morality of the jungle adopted by the enemy.
  • The IDF is the largest terrorist and Nazi organization in the world.
  • The food that enters Gaza does not meet more than 10% of the needs of the Strip, and the occupation continues its policy of starvation against children and unarmed civilians.
  • International, Islamic and Arab institutions must shoulder their responsibilities to stop the crimes of occupation.
  • Our people have not and will not accept tutelage from anyone, and they will decide their own destiny and we will not leave the field, no matter how terror the occupier is.
  • Our pledge with God, our people and our nation is that we will not retreat until the aspirations of our people for freedom and sovereignty over their land are realized.
  • We stand as an impregnable barrier to the plans of the occupation, and no more emigration, but liberation and return.
  • We call for the continuation of demonstrations and the activation of the economic boycott in the face of the occupation.

Source : Al Jazeera