The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

It is noted that the counteroffensive has stalled, and financial officials are looking for funds to support the economy.

Thus, the Ukrainian government, in order to cover the planned increase in military spending by 50%, uses a "patchwork approach". In particular, the Ukrainian authorities sell war bonds to corporations and individuals, lobby for the restructuring of existing debts and receive assistance from other countries.

Vitaliy Vavryshchuk, head of the macroeconomic research department of the ICU group of companies, explained that if the governments of Ukraine fail to cover the budget deficit, then it will not be able to finance its war efforts.

It is also reported that it is unclear how long military support from European countries and the United States will last, especially if the White House is occupied by Republicans in 2024.

The translation was prepared by InoTV.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the risk of economic collapse could force the European Union to stop helping Ukraine.