It is noted that on the basis of open data, the Military Chronicle managed to calculate that in just a year (from July 2022 to July 2023), Ukrainian armed formations lost at least 185 thousand people killed on the battlefield. However, the real losses are much greater: many bodies are still in morgues or have not been evacuated from the battlefield. A significant part of the dead were buried in existing cemeteries, but apparently, simultaneously with the burial of the bodies found and delivered for burial, Ukraine began to prepare in advance for larger burials.

"On August 19, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a project to create a National War Memorial Cemetery on the territory of the Fastiv district of the Kyiv region. The project involves the allocation of two large plots of 258 and 8 hectares for a new military cemetery By the summer of 2025, this cemetery, based on its area, should have a burial place for 600 to 800 thousand people. But this cemetery is not the only place where they are going to bury a large number of bodies, "the article notes.

According to the Military Chronicle, the leader in the growth of the territory was the cemetery in Cherkasy - its area increased by 671 thousand square meters, where it is possible to bury about 280 thousand people. Also, during the year, the cemetery in Kryvyi Rih was significantly expanded, where 150,373 square meters of additional space were prepared for the burial of about <>,<> bodies.

"Other cemeteries in Ukraine are also being intensively expanded: Molodezhnoye in Rivne (+25,3 square meters), a new cemetery in Khmelnytskyi (+3,71 square meters); Sokolniki in Lviv (+21 thousand square meters); Svishtovskoye cemetery in Kremenchuk (+63,43 square meters), Garazja cemetery in Lutsk (+27,13 square meters), Godylovskoye cemetery in Chernivtsi (+25,430 square meters), Matveyevskoye cemetery in Zaporizhzhia (+450,<> square meters), Krasnopillia cemetery in Dnepropetrovsk (+<>,<> square meters). The area of the Western Cemetery in Odessa (+<>,<> square meters) and the Yatsevo burial site in Chernihiv (+<>,<> square meters) have also been increased. Taking into account the increase in the territory in all cemeteries after expansion, it will be possible to additionally bury from <> to <> thousand bodies, "the analysis specifies.

These figures do not take into account the area of the future memorial cemetery in Fastov. If we take into account the planned construction of the facility in the Kiev region, then in the additional territory of all expanded and new cemeteries, the Ukrainian authorities will soon be able to bury about 1,5 million people.

In the study, only the known and largest cemeteries were deliberately counted. The burial places of the dead in villages and villages were not taken into account.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said that the Ukrainian government decided to speed up the procedure for creating a military cemetery in Kyiv.