• 'Hackers' leak personal data of patients, health workers and collaborators of the Clinic after the computer hack
  • Health Hospital Clínic de Barcelona suffers a cyberattack and refers some services to other centers

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has confirmed a new leak of the data stolen in the cyberattack it suffered on March 5.

For now the number of leaked files is unknown and it may take a few weeks to be known, but it could be the definitive exposure of all the information stolen by the cybercriminal group RansomHouse, which had threatened to expose confidential files if they did not receive a payment of 4.5 million dollars (the data theft was 4.5 terabytes). The Generalitat refused to pay money for the ransom of the information.

This is the fourth time that hackers exhibit confidential data of that attack through the so-called dark web, which hosts hidden Internet sites that can only be accessed through a specialized browser and, consequently, is also used to develop illegal activities.

Among the private information published are patient histories, treatments, diagnostic test results, worker contracts or internal protocols. The first leak occurred on March 30, the second came on April 16 in response to a cyberattack by the Mossos d'Esquadra that brought down its website. The third package of information presented a week ago was composed mostly of files from the Diagnostic Imaging Center of the Clinic.

In addition to robbery and extortion, the March attack forced the descheduling of 150 non-urgent surgeries, some 3,000 outpatient visits, and between 400 and 500 extractions. The Barcelona hospital admitted that it would take weeks or months to return to normal.

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