New Zealand: National Radio journalist accused of spreading Russian propaganda

In New Zealand, the national radio RNZ has come under fire since one of their journalists is accused of making Russian propaganda through dispatches relayed on the website. An investigation is underway at the New Zealand public service radio station.

The premises of Radio Station New Zealand in Wellington. AP - Mark Mitchell

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With our correspondent in Wellington, Richard Tindiller

Nearly 300 articles written by the journalist are now being scrutinized by Radio New Zealand executives. Sixteen of them have already been amended.

The journalist retouched dispatches on the war in Ukraine, from Reuters and the BBC network, using more than subjective terms. For example, he described the 2014 Maidan revolution as a "coup". Before adding that this "pro-Western government" had "repressed ethnic Russians". He also refers to Russian concerns about Ukrainian "neo-Nazi elements."

For more than five years

Terms that, obviously, did not appear in the initial dispatches. However, these changes have remained unnoticed for several years. Questioned by his editorial staff today, he simply stated that he had "done this for more than five years without anyone renouncing to him".

Nevertheless, the controversy is swelling, because more than eight months ago, Ukrainian nationals living in New Zealand reportedly reported these acts of propaganda, without their complaint being dealt with by Radio New Zealand. The employee was dismissed. According to the radio, the investigation could last several weeks.

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