• Courts ask for reviewable permanent prison for the murderer of three homeless people during confinement

In April 2020, the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana had as their main mission to prevent citizens from skipping confinement due to the covid epidemic in Barcelona. However, during the nights of that month, a repeat murderer attacked three homeless people sleeping on the streets of the city and beat them to death. Precisely, he took advantage of the fact that there were few people on the street to commit these crimes, which increased the difficulties in catching him and generated social alarm. The agents set up a specific device that finally paid off when a plainclothes agent followed a suspect to the caravan that lived on the outskirts of Barcelona.

That suspect, Tiago F.L., will sit on the bench of the accused of the Court of the Jury of the Audience of Barcelona from next Monday. The Prosecutor's Office requests a permanent prison sentence for the defendant for allegedly killing 11 days apart, in April 2020, three homeless people who were sleeping on the street after beating them with an iron bar or a wooden stick. His way of acting was always the same: He lived in a caravan in the neighborhood of Les Planes de Sant Cugat and traveled by public transport to Barcelona to supposedly commit the murders by approaching the victims at night, while they slept. He hit them on the head with a blunt object taking advantage of the surprise factor.

The first crime took place on April 16, 2020, when the defendant allegedly hit with an iron bar with a curved end a beggar who was sleeping in the vicinity of the National Auditorium of Catalonia. Two days later, he beat to death another homeless man who was sleeping on Caspe Street in Barcelona and on April 27, 2020, he killed the third on Rosselló Street with the iron bar. Precisely, after this crime a plainclothes agent followed him and the Mossos were able to arrest him in the caravan in which he lived on the outskirts of Barcelona.

In addition to the prison sentence, the Prosecutor's Office demands that the defendant compensate with 410,000 euros to relatives of the victims, who were located through negotiations with the French Gendarmerie. Precisely, in the trial is personified as accusation the relatives of one of the deceased of this nationality. Days after his provisional admission to prison, the suspect tried to escape, although the escape plan, which involved tying sheets to escape through the window, was discovered and aborted.

The prosecutor points out that the defendant, 38 years old and a Brazilian national, assaulted the "same type of victim", specifically "vulnerable and unprotected" people who slept on the street and were alone, without the possibility of defending themselves or asking for help from third parties, since most citizens were confined by the pandemic and, consequently, The city was "deserted." In this sense, the prosecution recalls that the crimes were committed between "three places a triangle by the certain proximity between them."

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