On Friday, the four children who have been missing in the Amazon were found alive, TT reports.

The children have spent over a month in Colombia's rainforests. The children are 13, nine, four and one years old and disappeared after a plane crash in early May. The pilot, the children's mother and another adult died in the crash.

President: "Happiness"

The incident triggered a massive rescue operation in which the military, among others, has participated to look for the children.

"Good luck for the whole country! The four children who got lost in the Colombian jungle 40 days ago have been found alive," President Gustavo Petro wrote on Twitter, alongside a picture of rescue workers appearing to be talking to the children.


According to Fidencio Valencia, a relative of the family, the children have the conditions to survive in the rainforest.

"She is very smart and physically strong," he told AFP, referring to the oldest of the siblings.

The children belong to the indigenous Huitoto group and it is believed that their knowledge of finding food and survivability gave the children a better chance of surviving the ordeal, reports the BBC.

Watch the children's relative talk about them in the clip.

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The four children have been missing for almost three weeks, but Fidencio Valencia is not giving up hope of finding them. "The eldest girl is very intelligent, active and strong." Photo: AFP