Senegal: the march planned this Saturday by the F24 has been canceled

In Senegal, the march announced in Dakar this Saturday by "the platform of the living forces F24" will not take place. Explanations.

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A protester with the Senegalese flag on the Place de la Nation in Dakar during a rally against a possible 3rd term of Macky Sall, May 12, 2023. © Charlotte Idrac / RFI

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The march had been banned, as was the rally planned for Friday. After the conviction of the opponent Ousmane Sonko last week which provoked deadly violence, the prefecture advanced - among other things - "real threats of disturbance to public order" and "risks of looting". "False alibis" according to the F24.

But Mamadou Mbodj, coordinator of the platform, announced this Friday evening the cancellation of the march "in the interest of the populations". "We talked a lot," he explains to our correspondent, Charlotte Idrac. Taking into account the interests and concerns of these populations, it was necessary to postpone the march to allow these populations to go about their business, especially at this time when the tabaski knocks on the door.

It was also a question of taking into account the requests expressed by the employers' delegation, which came to meet us and asking us to take account of the slippages, in any case the damage caused by previous demonstrations and which have greatly slowed down economic activity. And so, in order not to further harm these entrepreneurs, these craftsmen, these citizens, we also decided that we could cancel tomorrow's march. We are determined that the third candidacy of Mr. Macky Sall will be forgotten and that all eligible candidates in our platform will be able to go to the elections, and we demand the immediate release of all political detainees. »

Programs of the private press group WalFadjri suspended

In addition, the programmes of the private media group WalFadjri were suspended by the authorities for one month, from 1 June to 1 July. The government accuses him of broadcasting "images of violence exposing teenagers", accompanied by "subversive, hateful and dangerous remarks". The group denounces a "relentlessness". Staff had to be laid off.

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