Feijóo's statements indicate that he will not support the socialist Collboni to prevent the party of a fugitive from Spanish justice from governing. If that materializes, with what face will he defend the "turn to the center" of which he boasts so much! Naturally, the PSOE and its social democratic press would have to remain silent, because they already govern with the fugitive party in the Diputació de Barcelona. But he is not silent. The headline that Feijóo is about to sign: The PP gives the mayor of Barcelona to an independentist.

The stupid prohibition of an American university to use "field work" or "labor camp" – like the one where Arcadius was in Caprarola! – gave him the opportunity to pet a little animal very beloved since ancient times: the euphemism. If it invades everything today, it is partly the fault of journalism, which has neglected its obligation to speak with everyone's words. As he has also neglected, God forbid, his obligation to be read.

You're not going to buy Google glasses: you don't earn enough. Although the second Tim Cook is wrong: the immediate future is in artificial intelligence and not in augmented reality.

And so it was that Espada yiró.

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