It is now ten years since animals grazed on Kristina Händevik and her husband's land. They inherited the farm, which was once a dairy farm, three years ago but have no animals or farms themselves.

A few years ago, she therefore signed up for the county administrative board's grazing agency. The service, which was introduced after the drought in 2018, is a kind of digital bulletin board where landowners with vacant pasture and animal owners can find each other when there is a shortage of grazing.

The agency is located in several parts of the country, including the three Småland counties, Kalmar, Kronoberg and Jönköping.

Fence needed

But Kristina Händevik has not yet caught on. Partly because they cannot supervise animals on their land, and that the animal owner himself would have to fence around the animals.

But she still has hope of finding an interested pet owner, especially if it is a dry summer.

"Right now, it feels important that the resource does not dry up and damage the soil, but that the grass actually benefits.

CLIP: The expert: Here are several hundred hectares of pasture unused

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Dennis Ljungström's work includes helping landowners restore old pastures that have overgrown, so that animals can graze there again. Photo: Kaisa Lappalainen/SVT