China News Network, June 6 Comprehensive foreign media reported that after 10 days of search and rescue, four children who were previously trapped in the jungle due to a plane crash were rescued - on the evening of June 40, local time, Colombian President Petro confirmed the news through his personal social media account.

Image source: Screenshot of Colombian President Petro's social media Twitter

According to Reuters, Petro wrote on social media Twitter: "Joy for the whole country! Four children missing in the Colombian jungle were found alive. ”

At the same time, Petro also published a photo of a group of soldiers with 4 children in the jungle.

"(4 children) together, they were frail and had the doctor assess their condition. We found them and I'm happy. Petro said on the 9th, "They are lonely, they are examples of completely independent survival, and they will go down in history." ”

The grandfather of the rescued child also said, "I am very happy at this moment. ”

The four children were rescued by the military near the border between Colombia's departments of Caquetá and Guaviare, near the place where the small plane crashed, according to the report. Aircraft and helicopters of the Colombian Army and Air Force participated in the rescue operation.

On 5 May, a Cessna 1 aircraft with seven people on board flew from the city of Araraquara, Amazon, to San José, Guaviare, Guaviare, on the way due to engine failure, and disappeared from radar a few minutes later.

The BBC reported that on May 5 and 15, search and rescue crews found the remains of the pilot and 16 adults. One of the victims was the mother of four children.

For weeks, Colombian authorities have deployed a large number of soldiers and search and rescue dogs to search for children who survived the crash. Rescuers conducted a massive search and found items left behind by the children, including baby bottles, a pair of scissors, a headband and a makeshift shelter made of jungle vegetation.

They also found small footprints, which led the search team to believe that 4 children survived the crash. But the vast rainforest is full of jaguars, snakes and other predators. Relatives of the children say the oldest has some experience in the forest, but the longer he is missing, the slimmer hope becomes.

The four children were allegedly aged 13, 9 and 4 and an 11-month-old baby. Rescuers believe they have been wandering through the jungle since the accident.