China News Network, June 6 According to Reuters, on the 10th local time, former British Prime Minister Johnson announced his resignation as a parliamentarian, effective immediately.

Johnson reportedly made his resignation after receiving a confidential letter from the privilege committee. Allegedly, he received a report from the Privilege Commission on the findings of whether he misled Parliament in the "partygate" incident.

Infographic: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He criticized the Privilege Council as a political hitman and was determined to end his political career, "I was forced out by a handful of people."

Johnson said in a statement, "I am not the only one who sees this as a witch hunt to avenge [my push] for Brexit and to finally overturn the 2016 referendum result... My resignation is a necessary first step, and I believe there are already people who have come together to make it happen. ”

However, Johnson's statement was worded as "temporarily" leaving parliament, seemingly signaling his return to politics.

At the same time, Johnson's statement did not say what sanctions the committee would impose on him.

According to reports, Johnson's move will once again trigger serious divisions within the ruling Conservative Party before the 2024 British election.

The Privilege Committee of the British Parliament is the disciplinary body within Parliament and has the power to recommend that Johnson be suspended if the findings find him wrong. The survey was conducted by a senior Labour MP, but most of the MPs on the committee were Conservatives, Johnson's friends.

The committee said it would meet on the 12th to conclude the investigation and would release the report soon. A committee spokesman said Johnson's resignation statement "undermines the integrity of Parliament".

According to previous reports, Johnson served as British Prime Minister for 3 years and was widely supported. However, due to the exposure that he had violated epidemic prevention regulations and held a party in the Prime Minister's Office, Johnson's reputation plummeted and he was eventually forced to resign. He announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister in July 2022, after which he remained in office until a new leader was elected in September.