Beijing, June 6 -- The Symposium on Social Enterprise Research Results and the release of the reports "Policy Innovation and Diffusion of Social Enterprises" and "Translation of Foreign Social Enterprise Legislation" were recently held in Beijing. More than 9 people from all over the country, including experts and scholars, representatives of government departments, social entrepreneurs, foundations, and representatives of financial institutions, attended the meeting.

Zheng Wenkai, Chairman of China Rural Development Foundation, said in his speech that as a practitioner and explorer of rural development, China Rural Development Foundation has established two social enterprises, Zhonghe Rural Credit and Shanpin Commune, in the past 15 years, making beneficial attempts to promote the sustainable development of rural industries in innovative ways. In the future, we will continue to promote practical innovation in rural industry development, talent cultivation, rural construction, social undertakings and social mobilization, walk with multiple forces with one heart, and make due contributions to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and building a livable, workable and beautiful countryside.

Jin Wencheng, director of the Rural Economy Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the development of social enterprises is a beneficial force for rural revitalization, an effective carrier and platform for promoting rural revitalization, and has significant value in promoting rural industrial upgrading, promoting farmers' income and prosperity, improving rural living environment, and strengthening rural cultural construction. The publication of two reports, "Policy Innovation and Diffusion of Social Enterprises" and "Translation of Foreign Social Enterprise Legislation", will help promote the innovation and development of social enterprises and promote high-quality social development.

In the keynote speech session, Liu Wenkui, Executive Vice Chairman of China Rural Development Foundation, delivered a speech on "The Value and Significance of Social Enterprises". He believes that social enterprises directly serve vulnerable groups and solve social problems, while accumulating public welfare assets, creating social (public welfare) capital, and realizing value-added for public welfare capital, making public welfare charity more powerful and sustainable, and making enterprises pay more attention to social interests while pursuing economic interests.

At the symposium, Deng Guosheng, Director of the Social Innovation and Rural Revitalization Research Center of the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University, introduced the content of the report "Policy Innovation and Diffusion of Social Enterprises", and Jin Jinping, Director of the Research Center for Nonprofit Organization Law of Peking University, interpreted the report of "Foreign Social Enterprise Legislation Translation".

In the roundtable forum, the participants discussed and exchanged topics such as "Social Enterprise Development Opportunities in the Context of Common Prosperity" and "How Social Enterprises Can Help Rural Development".

The event was co-sponsored by the China Rural Development Foundation, the Commercial Press and the China Social Sciences Press. (End)