The influencer, already banned from Twitter in 2021, had broadcast at the end of May a series of videos on YouTube, attacking the mayor of Montjoi Christian Eurgal, placed under police protection following death threats following this broadcast.

"Harassment and cyberbullying are not allowed on YouTube and we have clear rules that prohibit content in which insults or threats are repeatedly or maliciously made against individuals," YouTube France said in its statement.

"After review, we have removed several videos from Papacito's channel for violation of this regulation," the platform added, recalling that it provides for three successive warnings before closing.

Papacito, whose real name is Ugo Gil Jimenez, had 260,000 subscribers on YouTube and Instagram.

He attacked the mayor without label of Montjoi, a small town of 190 inhabitants, in a video where he described the elected official, aged 75, as a "marten" who should be driven out of the village.

In his video entitled "Martens infestation in Montjoi", viewed more than 478,000 times on Youtube, the influencer took the side of a pig farmer in the village, in dispute with his British neighbor over the use of a path.

Death threats were then made by email to the elected official, on the telephone messaging of the town hall or on social networks in particular.

The Montauban prosecutor's office has opened an investigation.

Two individuals in their twenties were also sentenced this week in a plea-guilty procedure, to 3 months of suspended imprisonment, for having stolen Monday the French flag from the pediment of the town hall, said the prosecutor, noting that the two men had said they had seen the video of Papacito.

The influencer was noticed in June 2021 for having simulated the execution of an LFI voter, arousing an immediate reaction of indignation from Jean-Luc Mélenchon but the support of Eric Zemmour. The Paris prosecutor's office had opened an investigation for "provocation" to the murder.

Libération had also denounced the practices of the YouTuber last June, for repeated attacks on one of its reporters, specialized in covering the far right.

However, Papacito has never been convicted and is part of the movement of several YouTubers, denouncing a France that "loses its values", "lefts" and "feminizes", spreading radical right-wing ideas on YouTube, based on a virilist and provocative discourse.

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