Mr. Sengenmuro, the former head of the tea ceremony Urasenke who continues to appeal for peace through the tea ceremony culture, visited Australia and offered tea to pray for peace.

Sengenmuro, who turned 100 this year, continues to appeal for peace around the world, based on his experience as a special attack officer in the former Japan Army.

On the 9th, a tea ceremony was held in Sydney, Australia's largest city, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of exchanges with the Oceania region.

Sen made tea in front of about 200 people who had gathered, offered tea in front of a hanging scroll with the words "Peace Prayer" written on it, and served tea to the participants.

The tea ceremony was also attended by the mayor of West, southeastern Qawra, where former Japan Army soldiers captured during World War II were housed and slowly tasting tea.

In the lecture that followed, Mr. Sen introduced the story that local people are still making tea and praying for peace in a tea house that was once built in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Mayor West said, "It's wonderful that we, who were enemies during World War II, have become good friends and enjoy tea together."

Sen said, "If we have the desire to join hands with each other, there should be no fighting like what is happening in Ukraine, and if we have the desire to enjoy tea with strangers, I think there will be no ugly conflicts."