【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

Hello everyone, I'm a perch, and the bass is me. Now, I came to Liuzhou Snail Powder Industrial Park, Taiwan can't eat snail powder, I will first help my family in Taiwan today. Wow, it's so fragrant, go eat it and see. Just now he added a spoonful, garlic balsamic vinegar, huh? The soup tastes sweet and sour.

【Commentary】Open the short video account of "Taiwan Girl Perch", and the video records what Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu saw and heard in the mainland, and also made the Taiwanese youth on the other side of the strait "swim" in all directions through the screen to see a vivid and real mainland. Recently, in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Cai Ruyu showed the China News Agency reporter her short videos filmed all over the mainland.

【Commentary】Cai Ruyu's hometown is in Taichung, Taiwan, and her family grows and sells tea as a business.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

At that time in Taiwan, the (tea) market was saturated. At that time, (mother) was doing e-commerce in Taiwan, (later) just happened to have the help of nobles, took her (mother) into the mainland market together, and then slowly began to develop to the mainland side, and then came offline to participate in the "tea fair".

Later, in order to open up the market, Cai Ruyu's mother began to "take root" in Suzhou for development.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

In 2017, I came with my mother, because my mother was doing a "tea fair" here, and there were not enough people here.

【Commentary】The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has made the tea business, which was originally smooth, press the pause button.

Cai Ruyu's mother saw training in making short videos on mainland social platforms, so she encouraged her daughter who likes to take photos to give it a try, so that she can help "bring goods" online after learning.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

Because of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, it has slowly become my home turf, that is, focusing on Internet online sales, researching the platform of self-media, learning to edit, shoot, script, and then bring tea into my videos.

【Commentary】The video of "rookie" short video blogger Cai Ruyu selling tea is not smooth, because she is not skilled, the effect of the film is not ideal, and she even wants to give up a little.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

Originally, I only made tea vertically, but I always found that the number of video views and interaction data were not so ideal, so I opened a personal account. My personal account mainly shares some of the life experiences of Taiwanese girls who come to live here in the mainland, or what I have seen and heard here, because there are also many people who have not left their hometowns.

[Commentary] This unintentional move opened the situation unexpectedly.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

At the beginning, I shared my life in Suzhou, because many Taiwanese come to the mainland and don't know what documents to go for. (Later) we will listen to a lot of intangible cultural heritage, such as our Kunqu opera, commentary, etc., I will shoot this kind of video to let more people know. Friends in the mainland will be very active to recommend me (where to go) below my video, for example, I went to Guiyang some time ago, and many people said to me, hey, you have to try Guiyang's folding ear root, and go to Jiaxiu Building or where to walk, I think this is a better place.

【Commentary】With the iconic opening line of "Hello everyone, I am a sea bass, the sea bass is me", Cai Ruyu walked through many places in the mainland, and through her lens, the charm of the mainland in the eyes of a Taiwanese girl was objectively and truthfully displayed in front of everyone.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

Now that the helicopter has arrived, we are leaving, hurry up. Now I'm on the helicopter, so excited, I'll show you the outside. Now I'm finally flying, finally going to the sky, hey, the driver is a little sister. It's really super beautiful outside, if you can't come to Chengdu, let me show you.

Today, Cai Ruyu has more than 100,000 followers on social media on both sides of the strait.

【During the same period】 Taiwanese youth Tsai Ruyu

The content is exactly the same, even the font remains the same (when busy), all of them are one version. My food and drink here, including my helicopter tour, really shocked them.

I have a Taiwanese fan, after seeing my video, she also traveled to Suzhou in the past two days, and took pictures of me yesterday, she was on Pingjiang Road and Shantang Street. She felt that this place in Suzhou was really the same as I photographed, so the first thing she did when she came over was to listen to the commentary, and then drink our Suzhou Biluo Chun.

Zhang Chuanming reported from Suzhou, Jiangsu

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]