Suzhou, 6 Jun (ZXS) -- Question: Taiqing Cai Ruyu: The land is vast and the land is like a fish in water

Zhong Sheng, reporter of China News Agency

In Guangxi, look at the Zuojiang Leaning Tower; Taste stinky tofu, drink milk tea in Changsha, and visit the Hunan Anti-Japanese War Memorial; Sitting in a helicopter overlooking Chengdu, marvel at the Sanxingdui cultural relics... Open the short video account of "Taiwan Girl Bass", and the videos record what Cai Ruyu saw and heard in the mainland, and also let the Taiwanese young people on the other side of the strait "swim" in all directions through the screen, seeing a vivid and real mainland.

In June 2023, Cai Ruyu showed the intermediate tea artist vocational skill level certificate she obtained in the mainland. Photo by Zhong Sheng, reporter of China News Agency

Cai Ruyu's hometown is in Taichung, Taiwan, and her family grows and sells tea. Limited by population and market size, Taiwan's tea market has long become saturated. To this end, Cai Ruyu's mother began to explore the mainland market in 2012.

In 2017, Cai Ruyu came to Suzhou to help her mother take care of her business. According to her, she visited the mainland in 2013 and 2015, "Every time I go to the mainland, what I see and experience is different, and the rapid development here is amazing." ”

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic pressed the pause button for the originally smooth tea business, and transactions began to shift from offline to online. Once, her mother saw training in making short videos on mainland social platforms, so she encouraged Cai Ruyu, who likes to take photos, to give it a try, so that she could help "bring goods" online.

In April 2023, Cai Ruyu photographed a snail powder production factory popular with Taiwanese youth in Guangxi. Photo courtesy of interviewee

"Cainiao" short video blogger Cai Ruyu's video selling tea was not smooth at first, "because I was not skilled, a shot had to be shot twenty or thirty times, the effect of the finished film was not ideal, the playback volume was not good, and I even wanted to give up a little." In addition to being lost, Cai Ruyu opened a short video number to record her life in the mainland. Unintentionally, but accidentally opened the situation.

At Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, smart toilets full of "black technology" amaze viewers on the island of Taiwan; At the Yandi Mausoleum in Shaanxi, Cai Ruyu earnestly worshipped the Yandi as the ancestor of tea, and "deeply realized that compatriots on both sides of the strait are connected by the roots of the descendants of Yanhuang"... With the iconic opening line of "Hello everyone, I am a sea bass, sea bass is me", Cai Ruyu's footprints have traveled to many provinces in the mainland, and through her lens, the charm of the mainland in the eyes of a Taiwanese girl is objectively and truly displayed in front of everyone.

In January 2023, Cai Ruyu filmed a short video in a supermarket. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Today, Cai Ruyu has more than 100,000 followers on social media on both sides of the strait, "The content of the videos on both sides is the same, and even when busy, the video with simplified subtitles is directly posted to the platform in Taiwan." After watching her video, many young people on the island left messages saying "I want to go to the mainland to see", and even asked her to provide travel tips in private messages. Cai Ruyu said: "Recently, cross-strait exchanges have gradually resumed, and many of my Taiwan friends are ready to come to the mainland to play. In the past few days, Taiwanese fans have traveled in Suzhou and sent messages telling me that 'this place is really as beautiful as in your video'. (End)