Suzhou, 6 June (ZXS) -- Question: Taiwan Qingle as a new farmer to cultivate "a little field in the south of the Jiangsu"

Zhong Sheng, reporter of China News Agency

At lunchtime, at the Yidiantian Parent-Child Farm in Kunshan Tourist Resort in Jiangsu Province, the staff sat together, eating hand-grown vegetables and farmed eggs, and everyone's faces were full of happy smiles. For people who do not know, it is difficult to distinguish Guo Dianyi, a young farmer, from a group of people.

In May 2023, Guo Dianyi walked past the farm's slogan. In his eyes, everything in nature is lovely. Photo by Zhong Sheng, reporter of China News Agency

Born in Taipei, Guo Dianyi is a typical "city child" whose childhood impression of the countryside was limited to occasional visits to his grandmother's house in the countryside. In the countryside, Guo Dianyi once dared not sleep at night for fear of spiders, and a group of people once built an earthen kiln to bake sweet potatoes, but they forgot where to bury the sweet potatoes. The precious memories of childhood became the driving force behind Guo Dianyi's future career.

Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai... After growing up, Guo Dianyi entered a Fortune 500 company and still traveled between big cities. Until 2011, he came to Kunshan, the county seat of Jiangnan because of work. Here he fell in love with and married a mainland girl and had lovely children. In order to make the food their children eat greener and healthier, Guo Dianyi and his friends on the mainland invested in a farm and "got a little field in Jiangnan." Unexpectedly, he originally wanted to be an investor, but in the end he became an operator, and Guo Dianyi, a city man, became a new farmer in Jiangnan.

Once idyllic as a water town, Kunshan is now full of factory buildings, and in 2020 it became the first county-level city in the "trillion club" of China's total industrial output value. A "native" city man farms here, and the difficulty can be imagined.

Guo Dianyi recalled, "At the beginning, young people with knowledge and ability were reluctant to go to the countryside, and the farm could not recruit people. Fortunately, policies and measures such as the "22 Measures for Agriculture and Forestry" were launched in a timely manner, and the Kunshan Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office and other government departments also helped coordinate bank financing, solved the difficulty of funds, and gave subsidies for popular science education bases, organic fertilizer subsidies and other help. The farm has gradually attracted a group of "post-80s" and "post-90s" who yearn for pastoral life, and even overseas returnees and professional talents such as operation directors and customer service from Internet giants have joined to work together on this "little field".

In May 2022, Guo Dianyi (first from left) works with children to remove Canadian goldenrod. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Walking in the field, when thirsty, he plucked the small tomatoes in the vegetable greenhouse, wiped them on his clothes and ate them; When you are tired, pick a mint leaf in the field, rub it and smell it to refresh yourself... For Guo Dianyi, this kind of "returning to nature" life is extremely valuable, and he also wants to teach this happiness to children who are "grainless" like his past self.

"I hope to let children know about nature here. We have designed different courses for children of different ages, and will also arrange activities according to the 24 solar terms: Qingming season to pack Qingtuan, and brew green plum dew and plum wine before and after Xiaoman. Everyone builds nests for insects, catches loaches in the fields, and feels the warmth of the earth with bare feet. Guo Dianyi said brightly.

In November 2020, Guo Dianyi (first from right) led everyone to experience threshing and feel the joy of autumn harvest. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Guo Dianyi and his colleagues will lead the children to record, observe and experience the growth of crops for half a year, from planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and cooking by hand. He said: "We hope that children can understand the meaning of 'sweat drops in the soil' in practical hands, and know that food is not easily obtained by shouting on a mobile phone or opening the refrigerator." Now we have a group of loyal fans, and some children have participated in activities since kindergarten, boiled strawberry jam, cut rice, wrapped youth balls, and here 'got a little friendship with the earth'. ”

At present, Guo Dianyi operates a total of about 400 mu of land such as smart agricultural park, pollution-free aquaculture base, and parent-child farm. The farm's online mall plus WeChat group has more than 7,500 customers, with an annual turnover of nearly <> million yuan. At the same time, he also initiated the establishment of the "Small Farmers Alliance", which brings together young people with the same local feelings from all over the continent, helps them better connect with customers by building a platform, assists them in scientific market planning according to their area and planting capacity, and teaches organic planting methods, provides seed and technical guidance, and later helps with sales, so that young people who love "a little field" can "sweeten more". (End)