Reports that the Ukrainian military has attacked in several directions have been circulating in recent days. Some of the fiercest fighting has reportedly raged in the Zaporizhzhia region, where Ukrainians have reportedly encountered a united Russian resistance.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Ukraine had launched its counteroffensive, but according to him, without achieving any major advances. The Ukrainian leadership is silent and has confined itself to stating that the Russians are on the defensive in the south of the country.

Ukraine's military has previously said it will not say when the offensive will begin. Clear orders have also been given for silence on troop movements and where to attack.

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This is where the fighting in Ukraine's counteroffensive is going on – hear Oscar Jonsson, researcher at the Swedish Defence University. Photo: SVT

Losses on both sides

SVT's Ukraine correspondent Elin Jönsson and photographer Lars Lyrefelt are on site in Ukraine where two independent sources state that the Ukrainian offensive has actually begun.

The operation is now said to be in an initial phase where it feels its way forward and tries to find weak points in the Russian lines.

"They have not been able to break through, but they have had major losses of combat vehicles but also of manpower. But the Russians have also had a lot of losses, says Elin Jönsson in Rapport.

"The Russians have been prepared for this offensive.

Photos of Leopard tanks at the front

Several Russian actors, including the Russian Ministry of Defense, have circulated a series of videos purporting to show burning Ukrainian combat vehicles.

Among other things, what appear to be destroyed Leopard tanks, donated by Western countries, and American Bradleys.

Clips purportedly showing Russian soldiers leaving their positions and falling back are also circulating.

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See the images that purportedly show how Ukrainian attacks in Zaporizhia are stopped. Russian forces have repelled the Ukrainian strikes, Russia's defense ministry claims. Photo: SVT