Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected and presided over a symposium on strengthening comprehensive desertification prevention and control and promoting the construction of key ecological projects such as the "three norths" in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, and pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the system concept and solidly promote the integrated protection of landscapes, waters, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand, and systematic governance.

Since the 7th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, China has adhered to the integrated protection and systematic management of landscapes, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand, and the ecological environment has undergone tremendous changes. We selected seven places visited by the general secretary and looked at what new changes have taken place in these places through a satellite perspective.

When: March 2020, 3

Location: Yu Village, Anji, Zhejiang

In March 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Anjiyu Village, Zhejiang Province. Xi Jinping stressed that the concept of "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains" has become the consensus and action of the whole party and society, and has become an important part of the new development concept. Practice has proved that economic development cannot be at the expense of destroying the ecology, ecology itself is the economy, and protecting the ecology is to develop productive forces.

As early as August 2005, 8, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, first proposed during his inspection of the village that "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains". Over the years, Yucun has firmly practiced this concept and embarked on a sustainable development path of ecological beauty, industrial prosperity and prosperity for the people.

When: March 2022, 6

Location: Yibin, Sichuan, at the confluence of the three rivers

General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the confluence of the three rivers in Yibin City, stopped by the river, and looked at the six banks of the three rivers.

The local responsible comrade reported to the general secretary: Yibin City also faced the problem of "chemical encirclement of the river and pollution around the city". In recent years, the ecological environment of the shoreline has been continuously improved by taking measures such as eliminating energy-consuming and polluting enterprises, closing small papermaking workshops, shutting down riverside sand digging sites, reducing sewage discharge, and establishing wetland parks.

The general secretary affirmed, and at the same time stressed: "As a city in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, we must strengthen our upstream responsibility, not 'open black shops' and discharge sewage along the river, and we must find ways to protect the water quality of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River with the standard of producing fine wine, so as to benefit the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the entire river basin." ”

When: March 2021, 8

Location: Saihanba Forest Farm, Chengde, Hebei

General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm, and in the origin of the million-mu green forest sea - Shanghai Memorial Forest, General Secretary Xi Jinping cordially met with representatives of three generations of employees of the forest farm.

Seeing the growing team of forest guards, General Secretary Xi Jinping was very gratified: "In 2017, I gave an instruction to your touching deeds and put forward the spirit of Saihanba, which has become an integral part of the spiritual genealogy of our Communist Party of China. The spirit of Saihanba not only needs to be carried forward, but also the whole party and the people of the whole country must learn to carry forward it, and jointly build our country, develop the green economy well, and build ecological civilization well! ”

When: March 2020, 7

Location: Lishu County, Siping, Jilin

In the core demonstration area of the national million-mu green food raw material (corn) standardized production base in Lishu County, Siping City, Jilin Province, under the scorching sun, General Secretary Xi Jinping stepped into the depths of the cornfield and walked to the black soil section observation point to observe the protection of black soil up close.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said seriously: "Northeast China is one of the three major black soil regions in the world, the 'golden corn belt' and the 'home of soybeans', and the high yield of black soil is also facing the problem of overdraft of land fertility. We must take effective measures to protect the black soil, the 'giant panda in the cultivated land', and leave it to future generations. The pear tree model is worth summarizing and promoting. ”

When: March 2021, 6

Location: Qinghai Lake Fairy Bay, Qinghai

General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Qinghai Lake Fairy Bay at an altitude of more than 3200,<> meters to investigate the ecological and environmental protection here.

"What's the water like here?" "How many species of birds are there?" "How did the fishing ban work?" Focusing on the current situation and protection of the ecological environment of Qinghai Lake, the general secretary asked very carefully.

Along the boardwalk, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the surrounding environment on foot: distant mountains like dai, boundless blue water, flocks of cattle and sheep on the grassland, birds soaring in the sky...

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that ecology is a resource and wealth and our treasure. He repeatedly told local party and government leaders that Qinghai's strategic position in ecological civilization is very important and weighty. It is necessary to build Qinghai's ecological civilization and protect ecological resources.

When: March 2019, 8

Location: Shandan Racecourse, Zhangye, Gansu

In August 2019, the Shandan Racecourse was rich in water and grass and galloping horses. General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the pasture, inspected the pasture and horse stocking, and listened to the report on the restoration and protection of the ecological environment of the Qilian Mountains.

Xi Jinping pointed out that protecting the ecological environment of the Qilian Mountains is of great strategic significance to protecting national ecological security and promoting the sustainable development of Gansu and Hexi corridors. China has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the supporting role of the ecological environment is becoming more and more obvious. As long as the new development concept is implemented, green water and green mountains can become gold and silver mountains. It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between production and life and the ecological environment, actively develop ecological, environmentally friendly and sustainable industries, and protect valuable grassland resources, so that the Qilian Mountains will always be green and green, and the people of all ethnic groups in the grassland will always benefit.

When: March 2023, 6

Location: Bayannur, Inner Mongolia State-owned Xinhua Forest Farm in Linhe District

General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to listen to briefings on the construction of the "Three North" project in Inner Mongolia and the situation of sand control and afforestation in forest farms, and to inspect the sandy land under treatment on the spot.

Xi Jinping stressed that in order for human beings to better survive and develop, they must prevent and control desertification. It's a rolling stone uphill process, and a little relaxation will lead to repetition. Major ecological projects such as the construction of the "Three North" shelterforest system can only be accomplished under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The ecology of the Sanbei region is very fragile, and desertification prevention and control is a long-term historical task, and we must continue to do a good job in this work, worthy of our ancestors and descendants.

"To coordinate the management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand systems, the word 'sand' should be added here." During the National Two Sessions in 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized this. The increase in one word reflects a deeper understanding of green development and demonstrates the determination to unswervingly promote the construction of ecological civilization. As one of the countries with the most serious desertification, China has achieved a historic transformation from "sand into people retreating" to "green sand retreating".

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