Knife attack in Annecy: French President Emmanuel Macron with victims

French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Grenoble where the injured children are hospitalized. Two of them are still in absolute emergency. The alleged perpetrator of the attack must undergo this Friday morning a psychiatric examination. The investigation is ongoing, the terrorist motive has not been retained. The man had already been seen at the scene of the tragedy, a park near a school.

Police at the playground where the attack took place, June 8, 2023. AP - Laurent Cipriani

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The trip of Emmanuel Macron and his wife comes after that of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin Thursday, June 8, the day of the attack. The French president had denounced Thursday an "attack of absolute cowardice" and wanted to meet the families.

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Two of the four injured children are still in a "life-threatening emergency," French government spokesman Olivier Véran said. Of the four injured children, one is British and another is Dutch. The children, aged between 22 and 36 months, were transferred to Geneva and Grenoble after first aid on the spot.

The perpetrator spent the night in police custody and can remain so for up to 48 hours. He has reportedly already been subjected to a psychiatric examination.

Meditation and questioning in Annecy

Obviously, the suspect had been wandering for several weeks in this large park that borders the beautiful Lake Annecy. Many people spontaneously joined this playground where the tragedy occurred, to reflect, lay some flowers, but also exchange for some on their stupor to have recognized this Thursday, June 8, on the amateur videos that circulated on the web, a man they had already met in the park.

Candles and white roses were placed in a corner of the playground where the assault took place on June 8, 2023. AP - Laurent Cipriani

A mother remembers being afraid of it last week, says RFI's special correspondent in Annecy, Marie Casadebaig. He had been very aggressive with his dog. Two other dog owners, who come quite early each morning, had also noticed, he denoted regulars of the park at this time, more often retirees or joggers. He usually sat alone on a bench, very close to the playground, says a lady in her sixties, a pedal boat rental had told him that he even saw him every morning washing in the waters of the lake.

The only thing we know is that the suspect had been in France since autumn 2022, that he had left Sweden where he had refugee status and that at the time of the facts, he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. "He had to prepare his shot," says a fifty-year-old who joins our conversation, and who had also already seen the alleged assailant. For now, there is no confirmation of this scenario. But what could they have done to prevent such violence? There are several of them today in Annecy who are asking themselves this question over and over again.

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