Stéphane Burgatt, editing by Corentin Alloune / Photo credit: Handout / Nova Scotia Government / AFP 08:40, June 09, 2023

Faced with the apocalyptic images of forest fires in Canada, European solidarity is organized with the sending of reinforcements. The French contingent left this Thursday from Marseille-Provence airport for three weeks to deal with fires of a rare magnitude.

Fire continues to ravage Canada. After Alberta, Nova Scotia, it is the turn of the province of Quebec to be affected by the flames. More than 150 households, including nearly a hundred, are still out of control. International solidarity is organized to help Canadians. The France sent a first contingent of firefighters. They left Marseille-Provence airport yesterday.

"I'm afraid for my country a little bit"

It's hard to go unnoticed. A hundred men in uniform present themselves at the boarding of the airport of the Phocaean city. An unprecedented device for an exhausting and colossal work according to Inspector General Pradon, Chief of Staff of Civil Security. "These are uncontrollable fires while the situation is announced still very dangerous and very bad in terms of weather. Over the next ten days," explains the Chief of Staff of Civil Security.

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Volunteer firefighters in the ranks, this is the case of Romain. Difficult in his case to manage an emergency departure for three weeks. "It's still going to be a pretty long absence. Winemaker, so I am self-employed. Fortunately I have the family who are there to manage the farm," he explains.

A civilian flight to Montreal leaves at the same time as this volunteer firefighter with very worried Quebecers, like Justine Roy. "There's a huge smog in Montreal, a lot of my friends and relatives struggling to breathe. It is really horrible in Canada. I'm afraid for my country a little bit," says the young Canadian. International solidarity was eagerly awaited on the spot, where more than 3 million hectares have already been covered by the flames.