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Boris Johnson (picture from March)


British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson is resigning from parliament, according to media reports. The reason was allegations by a parliamentary committee that he had lied to the House of Commons in the "Partygate" affair, the conservative politician said, as several British media reported.

"I am very sad that I am leaving parliament – at least for the time being – but above all I am stunned and appalled that I can be pushed out of parliament in an undemocratic way by a committee (...) with such egregious bias," Johnson said in a statement published by Reuters. Amid poor poll numbers for the Conservative Tories, there is now a by-election in Johnson's constituency in north-west London.

Previously, a parliamentary committee had handed over the result of the investigation to Johnson. The members of the Privileges Committee had given the 58-year-old two weeks to respond, the BBC reported on Friday. The "warning letter" lists points of criticism and corresponding evidence, as well as the punishment that the deputies want to recommend.

The committee is investigating whether Johnson lied to parliament in the scandal over illegal lockdown parties in Downing Street. During the corona pandemic, government employees had repeatedly met in Downing Street and authorities for celebrations with alcohol and music, contrary to regulations. Johnson and incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak each had to pay a fine for attending an event.

Johnson's tenure as prime minister was accompanied by several scandals – including illegal celebrations in the London seat of government. He had admitted false information about the "Partygate" affair in parliament, but strictly rejected an intent.