Astana, 6 June (ZXS) -- On 8 June local time, the two-day Astana International Forum opened in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

According to the official website of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan, the theme of this forum is "Dialogue to Solve Challenges: Towards Cooperation, Development and Progress", and the participants focused on the world economy, international security, global development, climate change and food shortage.

On the same day, Kazakh President Tokayev said in his speech at the plenary meeting of the forum that the forum has provided an important dialogue platform for global economic development and regional cooperation.

Tokayev said that the purpose of the forum was to "find a right way for the world to bring each other closer, promote mutual dialogue and achieve cooperation." He believes that only by caring for each other can the international community solve problems and build a more stable, just and prosperous world.

Tokayev noted that Kazakhstan is a bridge connecting Eurasia, and "as an economic locomotive of Central Asia, Kazakhstan is a reliable trading partner." Kazakhstan is constantly attracting foreign investment and providing a good business environment for international investors. ”

He further pointed out that although Kazakhstan's GDP still mainly depends on the energy industry, the direction and desire to diversify the country's economy are very clear. According to him, in recent years, Kazakhstan's small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly, and industries such as automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, and metal processing industry have developed and prospered. Last year, Kazakhstan's exports increased by 40%.

Kazakhstan also has potential in the field of international logistics and transportation. In his speech, Tokayev referred to the China-Central Asia-Europe multimodal international transport route, "The development of new routes will reduce the transit time of goods across the Indian Ocean by almost half." In addition, Tokayev also emphasized the role played by Kazakhstan in the Belt and Road Initiative, which he believes contributes to regional economic development and strengthens intra-regional ties.

In his speech, Tokayev said that Kazakhstan has always been a staunch supporter of maintaining global security and strictly abides by the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons; At the same time, Kazakhstan has also actively participated in the settlement of the Syrian crisis and launched the "Astana Process" aimed at achieving a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis.

In conclusion, he noted that Kazakhstan is ready to make every effort to maintain friendly relations with global partners and to develop cooperation with Central Asian countries.

About 400 people, including Emir of Qatar (Head of State) Tamim, President of Kyrgyzstan Zaparov, Chairman-in-Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Collective Head of State) Tsvyanović and representatives of international organizations attended the forum. More than 40 panel meetings, informal discussions and other thematic activities will be held during the forum, according to the source. (End)