Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues.
Russian and Ukrainian forces are fighting in various parts of Ukraine, and many civilians have fled the country. We will update the situation in Ukraine on the 10th (Japan hours), including the status of the battle and the diplomacy of the countries concerned.
(There is a 6-hour time difference between Japan and Ukraine and Moscow, Russia)

President Putin: "We can say that the reversal offensive in Ukraine has begun"

Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on the 9th that "it can be said that the reversal offensive by the Ukrainian army has begun," indicating for the first time the recognition that a large-scale reversal offensive by the Ukrainian army has begun.

He then claimed that the Russian army had so far prevented the counterattack.

Iceland Embassy operations in Moscow to be suspended from August

Iceland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on August 9 that it has decided to suspend the operations of the embassy in Moscow, the capital of Russia, from August 8.

"Commercial, cultural and political relations with Russia are at an all-time low, and the maintenance of the embassy in Moscow is no longer justified," he said.

On the other hand, it said, "The suspension of the embassy's operations does not mean a break in diplomatic relations, and we will resume the operations of the embassy in Moscow as soon as conditions are met."

The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs conveyed this decision to the Russian ambassador in the capital Reykjavik and requested that the Russian embassy also restrict its activities, such as reducing the number of staff.

Commenting on the decision, Iceland's Foreign Minister Gilbadóttir said: "This is not an easy decision because Iceland has had good relations with the Russian people since independence in 1.

President Zelensky: "Hundreds of thousands of people will not have access to drinking water"

Ukrainian President Zelensky updated his social media account on the 9th and clarified that the collapse of a dam in southern Ukraine has caused major obstacles to securing drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people.

President Zelensky strongly condemned that "Russia must be held responsible for deliberate crimes against people, nature and life itself."