The trial is one of the largest so far linked to the gang conflict between the so-called Kurdish Fox and the rival Valley network. A conflict that is supposed to stem from competition for drug markets that has developed into a revenge spiral.

The conflict has led to several blasts and shootings.

The suspects

Six people of legal age are charged with different parts of the assignment – shooters, drivers and procurers of weapons and ammunition have all been identified in the police investigation. Mainly with the help of material from encrypted chats.

Of the accused persons, the oldest are 20 years old, the others are in their teens. In addition, three people under the age of 15 are suspected of being involved in the crimes but are not charged because they are not of criminal age.

"The client"

All acts are linked by a suspected perpetrator who is identified as the instigator. He allegedly induced people to retrieve, possess and use sharply loaded automatic weapons with the intent to kill.

According to the police's investigation, the suspected perpetrator has a leadership role in a criminal network allied with the Kurdish Fox. The network must be known by the police to recruit and use young people to carry out violent crimes.

See the text messages used as evidence in the clip.