US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed a unified position on many political files and issues, which were presented during their meeting on Thursday at the White House and at the press conference thereafter.

Biden and Sunak initially reiterated their countries' shared support for the Ukrainian people in the face of what they called "heinous Russian aggression" against Ukraine.

Biden said they are working to provide everything Ukraine needs to support its military, stressing that he will get the necessary funding from Congress to support Ukraine for as long as necessary.

For his part, the British prime minister said that the two countries stand together in support of Ukraine, and that they are sure "that it will win." He added that Russian threats require deterrence, because President Vladimir Putin will continue to procrastinate, so our support for Kiev must be strengthened.

In a related context, the two sides warned that China and Russia want to manipulate energy resources and steal technology, "so we rely on a partnership that strengthens our position."

Atlantic Declaration

The two sides announced a new economic partnership aimed at addressing the current major geopolitical challenges, especially in the face of China's ambitions.

The Atlantic Declaration, signed by the two men at the White House, includes strengthening cooperation in the defense industry and supplying minerals essential to the energy transition.

In the field of defense, Biden promised to open the US market to British industrialists, with the aim of promoting the modernization of advanced weapons such as hypersonic missiles, as well as artificial intelligence, energy security and the reliability of supply networks.

The US president stressed that the AUKUS security alliance between the US, Britain and Australia would make the Indian Ocean safer, while Sunak said the agreement "reinforces our belief that the security of the Atlantic and the Pacific is indivisible."

The two sides agreed to enhance the security of the use of artificial intelligence and the technological revolution, saying that this "will make us safer."


During their press conference, Sunak said the two sides shared a firm conviction that Britain and the United States standing together would make the world more prosperous, and stressed their belief in democracy and the rule of law.

British media reported that Rishi Sunak will take advantage of the understanding between the two countries to present Biden the candidacy of his defense minister Ben Wallace for the post of NATO secretariat.

In this regard, Biden stressed after the talks the need to reach an understanding within the alliance on this matter, while stressing that the British defense minister is "very qualified" to be secretary-general of the alliance.