According to him, this happened about ten days ago.

"There was an attempt to break through using the Leopard tank. For us, this technique is important to study. What happened: while our tanks moved to pull out the wrecked Leopard, two more Ukrainian tanks pulled up, and instead of repelling the attack, they began to destroy the Leopard, "he said, RIA Novosti quoted Pushilin as saying.

The German tank was shot "beyond recognition", after which the Armed Forces of Ukraine rolled back, he noted.

"For them, the main goal was to prevent the tank from getting to our units," Pushilin said on Solovyov Live.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine admitted that the Ukrainian army is trying to conduct offensive operations in some areas of the front.

As the Russian Defense Ministry later stated, Russian troops prevented attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack in several directions at once. The total losses of Ukrainian troops in the South Donetsk direction amounted to more than 1,5 thousand troops, 28 tanks, of which eight Leopards made in Germany, three wheeled tanks AMX-10 made in France.