According to comprehensive Taiwan media reports, on the morning of June 6, when a Chinese flight flew from Fukuoka, Japan, to Taoyuan Airport, when passengers had boarded the plane and the cabin doors were closed, a Japanese female passenger was dissatisfied with the flight attendant not speaking Japanese to her and roared out of control. Since the airline had warned the female passenger but the warning was invalid, in consideration of flight safety, the female passenger was finally asked to disembark from the plane and notify the local airport aviation police.

Video screenshot Image source: TVBS News Network

The Japanese passenger reportedly had an altercation with the flight attendant, who roared loudly after the flight attendant kept pacifying. The reason for the conflict was that the passenger was upset with the flight attendant Chinese talking to her and saying "This is Japan in Japanese", so the emotions were out of control, and other passengers stopped her, but the conflict did not end.

The flight was supposed to depart from Fukuoka, Japan, at 10:50 a.m. and arrive at Taipei's Taoyuan Airport at 12:40 p.m., but the Japanese traveler was delayed by nearly <> minutes due to a disturbance in the flight. The passenger was later taken away by the Japanese Aviation Police.

A passenger on the flight said that the flight attendants were still very vocal and wanted to talk to her, and her behavior also made many passengers dissatisfied. Some passengers talked to her, and some passengers reported to the flight attendant that he did not want to board with her.

In response, China Airlines said that after the cabin door was closed, one passenger behaved irrationally, abused the flight attendant and yelled at other passengers, and did not comply with the safety regulations on board. After the communication and warning of the crew were invalid, in order to protect the safety of the flight and the rights and interests of the passengers on the same plane, the company required the passenger to disembark and notify the local airport aviation police for handling.

The incident also sparked discussion on the Internet, and some Taiwanese netizens said, "The handling method is too gentle, in Europe and the United States aviation police will not waste time, directly suppress people to get off the plane", "blacklist, let her regret her behavior for a lifetime", "don't think that the Japanese will be very polite".