"We must have recommendations so that you can live a life. Total abstinence, I think, may mean that more women stop breastfeeding earlier," says Eva-Lotta Funkquist, associate professor and senior lecturer at the Department of Women's and Children's Health.

So what advice is there for breastfeeding?

"No child should have to see their parents drunk – this applies to both parents – but you can drink if you drink very moderately. If you drink a glass of wine on a couple of occasions a week, so little goes into the milk. It is important that we show that breastfeeding should be easy, you do not have to be a perfect person and you do not need to keep track of a thousand different things, says Eva-Lotta Funkquist.

The fact that the advice is presented does not automatically mean that they come into force in Sweden, but it is something that the National Food Agency will investigate. It is that authority that develops the general advice for breastfeeding.

"It's always important to know where the recommendations come from and that they are supported by research," says new mother Erika Hagström in Uppsala.

Hear more in the clip about why advice for breastfeeding needs to be clearly formulated.