On Monday morning, emergency services were alerted to a heavy fire in one of the city centre properties in Ronneby. The same morning, an alarm was also received about a fire in a public toilet on the square, as well as information that someone tried to light a fire at the adult psychiatry in Ronneby.

Several fires are being investigated

Also during the weekend, the emergency services responded to several fires around Ronneby. And on Friday, both police and rescue efforts were sent to Kallinge, where several trash cans were burned in connection with a building on the school grounds. A report of damage by fire has been prepared in that case.

The police do not rule out that there may be a connection between the fires that occurred in Ronneby, but the cases need to be investigated further.

"It's clear that when you have a number of smaller fires, you look at whether there can be a connection. It will be investigated, says police spokesman Thomas Johansson.

In the clip: Hear more about the central fire and the recent fires in Ronneby.