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Fishing is an outdoor activity that has more than one asset to offer, and is within reach for beginners. It is still necessary to decipher the vocabulary ... and buy the right equipment. Starting with the fishing rod! In order to guide you in the choice of your fishing rod, we offer a selection of 5 models according to your desires.


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Fishing is an activity that combines both sport and relaxation. Ideal for summer! Alone, in a group, on a boat or not, the possibilities are numerous and make the happiness of young and old. Fishing also allows you to reconnect with nature, to discover the multitude of rivers that crisscross the France and the fish that inhabit them. An activity that is never too late (or too early) to learn. But like any discipline, fishing has its sometimes complex language and specialized equipment. After offering you an article on the essential equipment to have to go fishing, we propose here to focus on fishing rods. Because yes, you will not need the same fishing rod depending on where you go and the type of fish you want to catch. Here is our selection of five fishing rods according to your needs.


  • The Max X Combo Abu Garcia casting rod and reel set, for freshwater fishing
  • The TRAXX Mx Mitchell rod reel set, for predator fishing
  • The Rod Triumph St Croix fishing rod, the expertise of a world reference
  • The spinning fishing rod Ninja X Spin Daiwa, the 100% versatile choice
  • The Mer Vengeance AX Boat Shimano rod, for boat fishing

Our selection of five fishing rods according to your needs

The Max X Combo Abu Garcia casting rod and reel set, for freshwater fishing

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The Max X combo fishing rod and reel set from Abu Garcia is a very good first investment to go fishing for predators in fresh water. With its 40 g displayed on the scale, it is a light material but no less resistant since it is designed in carbon fiber. An easy cane to handle, whether you are left-handed or right-handed with its ambidextrous handle. Abu Garcia is one of the leading brands in the fishing industry. Founded in 1921, this Swedish brand originally specialized in timers, quickly reoriented production towards fishing equipment. A change decided by the son of the founder who was passionate about this sport. Thus, with Abu Garcia equipment you have in your hands a whole know-how that has lasted for nearly a century. Quality and reliability are therefore their watchwords.



The TRAXX Mx Mitchell rod reel set, for predator fishing

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Mitchell or French quality. This brand of fishing equipment, born in the 1930s, is internationally renowned for offering quality, reliable products at affordable prices. And its TRAXX Mx reel rod set is no exception. This rod with its casting reel is ideal for fishing for lures, predators such as pike perch or pike. Made of carbon M24 aluminum and with its monobloc graphite frame, the cane is both light and strong. In addition, it has a smooth rotation thanks to its five bearings, a precise braking system and an ergonomic and ambidextrous handle. So many features that will make your "fishing" session easier. Available in three different sizes, it is advisable to choose a cane that measures about thirty centimeters longer than you.


The Rod Triumph St Croix fishing rod, the expertise of a world reference

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For many fishermen if there is a brand of rod to remember, it is St Croix. This family company founded in 1948 in Wisconsin in the United States has continued to grow over the century before becoming one of the best world references in terms of quality. Entirely handmade, St Croix fishing rods are beautiful, extremely strong and future-proof. If it is therefore an investment from a financial point of view, you will not be disappointed and will be able to keep your cane for many years without ever encountering the slightest problem. The Triumph Spinning 6' Medium/Fast rod is made of high-quality SCII carbon with a cork handle with aluminum oxide guides. Particularly sensitive, you will feel the slightest vibrations of what happens underwater, even before the fish come to bite the wire. Precise and dynamic, you will take great pleasure in fishing all kinds of fish with this rod!


The spinning fishing rod Ninja X Spin Daiwa, the 100% versatile choice

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The spinning rod Ninja X Spin from Daiwa (another reference in the fishing world) is appreciated for its versatility. Rubber fish, lures or spoons, all styles of fishing are possible with this rod at a low price. Made of HVF carbon fiber and with a cork handle, it is both light and easy to handle thanks to its ideally distributed weight. This also gives it increased sensitivity in the water and will allow you to feel the movements of marine life. In addition, it has a solid manual part that will allow you to catch large fish safely. Available in twelve different sizes between 2.1 m and 3 m, it is a long rod so ideal for fishing by the shore.


The Vengeance AX Boat Shimano rod, for boat fishing

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If you are a fan of sea fishing aboard a boat, opt for the Vengeance AX Boat fishing rod from Shimano. Ideal for jig fishing, this technique of sea and horizontal fishing comes straight from Japan. Increasingly famous in France, it allows you to catch large fish easily and therefore delights experts and amateurs alike. So, what could be better than a Japanese rod to go fishing with a technique from the land of the rising sun? The Vengeance AX Boat rod from Shimano is therefore all found. Lightweight, powerful and strong, it offers increased control of the line. And all at a low price. Made of ethylene vinyl acetate (otherwise known by the acronym EVA), it is a material known for its great flexibility. In addition, with its length of 2.10 m and its power of 300 g, you will have in your hands a powerful, lightweight, responsive and versatile cane.


What are the differences between spinning and casting fishing rods?

There are two main types of fishing rods: so-called "spinning" and "casting". Each from a different fishing technique, they offer varied possibilities and tools. Spinning rods are often long rods used when we need a large throwing distance. More difficult to handle than the "casting" at the throw, their line unwinds from the reel thanks to the joint action of the impulse of the rod and the weight of the lure. However, if they are more delicate to handle, they are particularly recommended for fishing in hectic water or in places subject to strong winds because their line is more flexible and therefore offers great freedom of movement to the lure. For their part, casting rods are generally used by novices in fishing. And for good reason, more rigid, they are easier to handle and control for beginners. In addition, their line automatically unwinds from the reel at the time of throwing, which is a great help when we do not yet master this art well! Also, unlike spinning rods, the reel here is rotating drum and is located on top of the fishing rod.

The Fishing Festival in France

As every year, the Fête de la pêche en France takes place on the first Sunday of June. The opportunity for the associative fishing network to introduce the French population to the different methods and techniques of this outdoor activity, but not only. As explained on the website of the National Federation of Fishing in France, it is also a privileged moment to raise awareness among young and old "about the aquatic environment and its biodiversity". Thus, animations are organized throughout the hexagon to understand and learn to respect this vital ecosystem in the fight against global warming and against the disappearance of biodiversity across the globe. In this way, if you want to spend your fishing baptism, learn how to catch trout or learn more about the 600,000 km of rivers that run through our country, you can inquire with the fishing associations of your department!

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