The government's draft priority policy for promoting gender equality was presented.
The company aims to increase the ratio of female directors of top listed companies to at least 2030% by 30.

At the government meeting on May 5, a draft of the "Women's Version of the Basic Policy 2023," a priority policy for promoting gender equality, was presented.

It states that it will strive to select at least one female executive by 2025 for the directors of companies listed on the Prime Market, the highest level of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and aim to increase the ratio of women to at least 1% by 2030.

In order to ensure effectiveness, we will urge the Tokyo Stock Exchange to establish such regulations by the end of this year.

And now that companies that employ more than 30 people at all times are required to disclose information on the gender wage gap, they will consider whether it can be expanded to more than 301 people.

In addition to strengthening the system to ensure that men can take childcare leave, the bill also includes the establishment of a system for benefits that will prevent employees from taking home payments while their children are under the age of two to work shorter hours.

Furthermore, with regard to the so-called "annual income barrier," we will take measures to prevent social insurance premiums and other burdens incurred even if annual income exceeds 101.2 million yen, even if the annual income exceeds 106.<> million yen, and we will review the system after implementing measures to prevent a decrease in take-home payments.

It also includes strengthening measures to prevent spousal violence, sexual crimes, sexual violence, and workplace harassment.

The government will make a decision by the end of this month after coordination with the ruling parties and others.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno: "We need to tackle structural issues"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at the meeting, "Many women are still forced to choose between life events and career development, and it is necessary to address structural issues such as labor practices centered on long working hours, uneven unpaid working hours for women such as housework and childcare, and a fixed awareness of gender roles."

Chairman of Keidanren "It is important to create a workplace environment that leads to the promotion of women"

Regarding the government's goal of increasing the ratio of female executives of companies listed on the Prime Market to 2030% or more by 30, Keidanren Chairman Tokura stated at a press conference on May 5, "I think it is a good place to be practical, neither too naïve nor too rash, and each company will think about what to do," indicating that it is an appropriate level.

On top of that, Chairman Tokura stated, "What we really need to do is to substantially raise the level of work, how to make it easier for working women to take appropriate steps and get promoted in the same environment as men, and to increase the scope of responsibility," and expressed his recognition of the importance of creating a workplace environment that leads to the promotion of women.