General Secretary Xi Jinping visited "One Museum and One Courtyard" and attended the symposium on cultural inheritance and development

"The key to Chinese characteristics lies in the 'combination of two'"

When: June 6-1

Agenda: Visit the National Version Museum of China, the Chinese Academy of History, and attend the symposium on cultural inheritance and development

On the extension of Beijing's central axis to the north, the buildings of the Chinese Academy of History seem to be revered. From downstairs to upstairs, walk through thousands of years.

Downstairs, there is a special exhibition named after the inscription "Zhai Zi China" of the Western Zhou He Zun. Stoneware, pottery, jade, bronze, cotton, bamboo, a collection of thousands of years of civilization. Upstairs, a symposium related to the construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation was held.

General Secretary Xi Jinping opened with a clear meaning: "Culture is related to the national foundation and national fortune. During this time, I have been thinking about the major proposition of promoting the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics and building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation."

I am also thinking about the issues of the times from "home China" to "why China".

Several scholars who spoke face to face with General Secretary Xi Jinping. Where they come from, where they go, their speeches are hidden and deep.

The general secretary listened attentively.

Some scholars said, "Culture is not a solidified sculpture, but a flowing living water, but the direction in which the water flows is inseparable from the practical needs of reality and the social system." ”

Some scholars said, "Science and technology are moving forward, and culture must be 'looking ahead'." The phrase 'the future is here' is popular, but don't forget 'the past is gone'. ”

Some scholars said, "An important reason why the Chinese nation can become a great nation and always stand tall among the nations of the world is that Chinese culture provides strong spiritual support and rich cultural nourishment." ”

Looking back, looking into the depths of history, looking at the cultural context and the essence of Kyushu. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech starts from the brilliant and ancient Chinese civilization.

Continuity, innovation, unity, inclusiveness, peace, he condenses and explains the outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization, but why is he talking about civilization?

The premise is that they fit each other, the result is mutual achievement, build a solid foundation for the road, open up the space for innovation, and consolidate cultural subjectivity, he deeply analyzes the great significance of "two combinations", but why is he focusing on "combination"?

Firm cultural self-confidence, openness and inclusiveness, and adherence to integrity and innovation, he deeply explained how to better undertake the new cultural mission in the new era, but he is not only interpreting culture?

The essence of this important speech is a road, the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Think of the nation from civilization, to understand the spirit, character, beliefs, mind, and temperament of a nation. For example, when it comes to unity, these words of the general secretary are sonorous and go straight to the hearts of the people:

"The unity of Chinese civilization fundamentally determines that the cultures of all ethnic groups of the Chinese nation are integrated and firmly cohesive even in the face of major setbacks, determine the common belief that the land is indivisible, the country cannot be chaotic, the nation cannot be separated, and the civilization is unbreakable, and that national unity will always be the core of China's core interests, and that a strong and unified country is the fate of the people of all ethnic groups."

The country has recited a subset of scripture and history for thousands of years; This country has studied the classics of Marxism for hundreds of years... Through the wind and rain, stepping on the road, civilization is immersed in the bones and blood of a great country, and integrated in the solid steps of the long journey.

The road is at your feet.

At the symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping's tone was calm and full of strength: "Why is our socialism different? Why is it so vibrant? The key lies in Chinese characteristics, and the key to Chinese characteristics lies in the 'combination of the two'. ”

"Only by basing ourselves on the magnificent history of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years can we truly understand the historical inevitability, cultural connotation and unique advantages of the Chinese road." The positive and negative experiences of history show that the 'combination of the two' is the greatest magic weapon for our success. ”

Theory and practice focus on the big articles of governing the country. This article is full of conversations between past and present. The general secretary said:

"The people's congress system and political consultation system pioneered by our party are deeply related to the people-based thinking of Chinese civilization, the concept of co-governance under heaven, the governance traditions of 'republic' and 'consultation', and the political wisdom of 'inclusiveness and seeking common ground while reserving differences'. Instead of a federal system and a confederation system, we have established a unitary state form and implemented a system of regional ethnic autonomy, which is to conform to the general trend of the development of the Chinese nation of inward cohesion and pluralism and integration, and to inherit the tradition of great unification of Chinese culture in Kyushu, six contract winds, and one family from all over the world. ”

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation today begins with the road traveled by the Communist Party of China over the past 100 years since its founding, and is more deeply rooted in the 5,000-year-old history of the Chinese nation's bitter and glorious civilization.

This road, once identified, will boldly explore and move forward.

Confidence fills you throughout.

The general secretary made a judgment: "To strengthen cultural self-confidence is to stick to one's own path." "After long-term efforts, we are better equipped than ever to solve the 'dispute between ancient and modern, Chinese and Western', and more urgently need a number of cultural achievements that forge ancient and modern and connect China and the West more than ever before."

Innovation runs from start to finish.

These words are rich in philosophy: "'Combination' itself is innovation, and at the same time opens up a broad space for theoretical and practical innovation." The 'second combination' allows us to grasp the ideological and cultural initiative and act powerfully on roads, theories and institutions. ”

"More importantly, the 'second combination' is another ideological emancipation, allowing us to make full use of the precious resources of China's excellent traditional culture in a broader cultural space and explore future-oriented theoretical and institutional innovations."

Venue, listen attentively. These participants from various fields and regions, with different cognitions and practice accumulations, stirred up different perspectives of thinking from General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech, but they have a common mission and a common future.

They took these words of the general secretary down and remembered them in their hearts: "The best inheritance of history is to create new history; The greatest tribute to human civilization is to create a new form of human civilization. (People's Daily reporter Du Shangze)