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Spanish and international high society has gathered in Seville to attend the wedding of Sol de Medina Orleans-Bragança, Countess of Ampurias, and Pedro Domínguez-Manjón Toro.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Ignacio de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba and María de Gloria de Orleans-Bragança y Borbón, the Dukes of Segorbe, and the groom, son of Pedro Domínguez-Manjón Rodríguez-Pascual and Magdalena Toro Delgado.

The wedding was celebrated at one o'clock in the afternoon in the church of San Esteban, in Seville, the temple adjacent to Casa de Pilatos that has so much relationship with the House of Medinaceli.

The godparents of the bride and groom: Magdalena Toro Delgado and Ignacio de Medina and Fernández de Córdoba Duke of Segorbe.

Five minutes before the scheduled time, the groom arrived by car, along with his mother and godmother, Magdalena Toro Delgado. And just ten minutes later, the bride did the same, along with her father and godfather, Ignacio de Medina and Fernández de Córdoba Duke of Segorbe.

The 'paseíllo' of the bride to the church was short, since she dressed in the brotherhood house of San Esteban, in the nearby Medinaceli street, where in its day there was a private passageway that linked the temple with the Palace, as explained to LOC the architect Rafael Manzano.

The best kept secret of any wedding was revealed: the bride's dress, made of organza and natural silk chiffon, in champagne color, counting in the center with an embroidery of a sun, alluding to her name, "and that she liked very much", in addition to a "very beautiful" court mantle belonging to the royal families of Bragança and Bourbon, made by the Sevillians Victorio & Lucchino, who have also dressed both the mother of the bride, María de Gloria de Orleans-Bragança y Borbón, also wearing the classic black mantilla, and her sister Luna de Medina Orleans-Bragança, Countess of Ricla. As complements, the bride wore long gloves to the tone. As for jewelry, she wore a crown of pearls and diamonds, earrings and bracelet belonging to her family.

The designers, who often dress Sol, have made two other dresses for the bride to change her outfit during the celebration, in addition to the one that Sol wore the night before the wedding at the previous party for her guests, held at the house of the groom's family, in the Callejón Dos Hermanas, in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

Isabel Preysler, accompanied by Juan Arena (former president of Bankinter) at the exit of the church.

The ceremony, officiated by the auxiliary bishop of Seville, Teodoro León Muñoz, featured music by Mozart, Bach or Schubert, among others, as well as the participation of the soprano Mariola Cantarero, the string quintet Tótem Ensemble, the Escolanía de Los Palacios and the solo trumpeter José Fuerte. In addition, prayers have been spoken in Spanish, French and Italian.

From almost an hour before the scheduled time, the guests began to arrive around the church. A lot of color in the 'looks' chosen by the ladies, some even in 'vitamin' tones and a variety of styles, while the gentlemen wore jackets. At the entrance of the temple, baskets with fans with the initials of the contracting parties intertwined awaited them, to alleviate a little the effects of the temperatures and the radiant sun that illuminated Seville.

One of the most anticipated and aroused the most expectation was Isabel Preysler, who arrived at the place just at the time of the wedding accompanied by the marriage formed by Juan Arena (former president of Bankinter) and his wife Bárbara Pan de Soraluce. Isabel chose a nude pink dress from The 2nd Skin Co., accompanied by a headdress as a headband by Mimoki, wallet in the tone of Reliquiae and heels by Jimmy Choo, completed with an outstanding pearl choker to match the earrings.

Isabel did not hesitate to greet the lieutenant of the elder brother of the Real Maestranza de Caballería, Santiago de León y Domecq, and his wife, Rocío Morenés y Solís-Beaumont, as well as other guests and friends.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom, godparents, parents and sister of Sol accessed Casa Pilatos through a back alley, to receive their guests from inside the palace. It was there that the wedding banquet and subsequent celebration would take place.

Victorio & Lucchino (José Luis Medina del Corral and José Víctor Rodríguez Caro, designers of the bride's dress, her sister Luna and her mother).

The main courtyard, with marble bases, and flower centers on ceramic vases from Triana; The gardens of the palace, with the flowerbeds full of flowers.

Alfardos has been the company in charge of serving lunch. It began with haute cuisine appetizers and a space Gastro Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico Cinco Jotas by Sánchez Romero Carvajal.

To continue, scallop and prawn tartare with thin slices of avocado and citrus vinaigrette, washed down by white wine Atlantis D.O. Rías Baixas. As a second course, beef tenderloin with foie, truffle and boletus cake and yolk, washed down by red wine Ramón Bilbao D.O. Rioja.

And for desserts, caramelized brioche torrija with Sevillian cream ice cream, Arabic cake toasted in the oven and filled with special pastry cream and caramelized almonds, along with coffee and infusions.

The ladies belonging to the families of the bride and groom stood out for their elegance, among them, the groom's sister, Magdalena Domínguez-Manjón Toro, and the bridesmaids, Cecilia and Allegra Hohenlohe, cousins of the bride, both dressed in Dior.

Also several guests, such as the interior designer Mercedes Valdenebro; the painter Cristina Ybarra (dressed by the firm Delacova); Margarita Maldonado Borbón-Dos Sicilias, in pink, accompanied by her nephew, the Count of Zamoyski, the designer Manuel Obando and Carmiña de Leyva; Cristina Moreno de la Cova Ybarra (creator of the firm Delacova), with her husband Álvaro de Salinas; Princess Beatrice of Orleans or the Marchioness of Torres de la Pressa, Beatriz Valdenebro, among others. Among the gentlemen, we must highlight José Luis Medina del Corral and José Víctor Rodríguez Caro, Victorio & Lucchino, with impeccable jackets.

Among the other guests were also the right-hander Curro Romero with his wife, Carmen Tello, as well as the widower of the Duchess of Alba, Alfonso Díez, who chatted with the Countess of Carvajal and the Countess of El Abra. There were also other of his great friends, such as the surgeon Francisco Trujillo and his wife, Mara Pérez Moya, or the journalist and writer Antonio Burgos with his wife, Isabel Herce.

The list was almost endless, and the church crowded. Beatrice of Orléans with her children Adelaide -with her husband, Pierre Louis Dailly- and François -with his wife, Theresa von Einsiedel-; Inés de Comminges with her husband, François du Chastel (founder of the moccasin brand Chatelles); Albert Boadella with his wife, Dolors Caminal; the former mayor of Seville Alejandro Rojas-Marcos; Tomás Terry with his son Tomás Terry González de Gregorio; Hubertus of Hohenlohe; Cósima Ramírez, dressed by her mother's own signature, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada; the president of Konecta, José María Pacheco Guardiola with his wife, Anuca Aísa; Myriam García-Corona de Vallés and Rafael Carvajal Murube, or Juan Gil (member of the Casa de Medinaceli Foundation) with his wife, Consuelo Varela, among many others.

Both Sol and her sister Luna are the granddaughters of the Duchess of Medinaceli, who died in Seville in 2013. Sol de Medina Orleans-Bragança is Countess of Ampurias, eldest daughter of the Duke of Segorbe and Maria Gloria of Orleans-Bragança -imperial princess of Brazil and cousin of HM King Juan Carlos I-. Sol was born in New York in 1988. She is an illustrator and fan of the art world, since her family has a wide and outstanding collection.

Ignacio de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba, father of Sol y Luna, married María Gloria in 1985 in second marriage, after a first marriage with Mercedes Maier Allende from which there were no descendants. Also for the mother of the bride was her second marriage, as she was previously married to Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, current head of the Royal House of Serbia, a marriage from which three sons were born, Peter, Philip and Alexander.

For his part, the groom, Pedro Domínguez-Manjón Toro, is an industrial engineer specialized in big data and artificial intelligence. He comes from two prominent families of the high society of Seville. His grandfather was general of Cavalry and maestrante of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, while his grandmother was Dame of the Real Cuerpo de la Nobleza de Madrid.

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