Man's ability to fall in love is no different from that of other animals, although for us it is not just about the evolutionary drive to find a mate to mate and reproduce.

However, we are different from animals when it comes to the meaning of scent. Ulf Ellervik, professor of organic chemistry, dispels the myth that humans, like other animals, find partners with the help of pheromones.

"We are unique in that our nose sits one and a half meters up, there are not so many smells there. It is incredibly rare that we humans smell someone in the crotch, he says in Idébyrån.

Man in love longer than animals

But we fall in love anyway. And the fact is that the human infatuation phase is much longer than that of other animals.

"We've got one to two years maybe, that's a really long time. Some animals only have a few minutes, a few days or months," says Ulf Ellervik.

Attraction decoupled from reproduction

Humans have also gained the ability to feel desire and attraction at any time, regardless of age.

"It's decoupled from reproduction. We have loaded the concept of love with so many different things that make our relationships difficult. It's good to be able to separate love, sex and romantic sex, says Malena Ivarsson, sexologist, to Idébyrån.

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